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How to do Ashwini Mudra

Ashwini Mudra was named after seeing an action performed by the horse. Rishi Muni was so much an observer, he learned a lot from humans as well as animals and birds. The horse keeps on compressing and opening its anal opening again and again. After seeing this action our sages must have thought that how it can be beneficial for human life and they started practicing it. This mudra is a boon for those who want to increase their strength, brilliance and get the company of God by the following celibacy.


Method of Ashwini Mudra:

The method of Ashwini Mudra is very simple. Everyone can do it whether it is a man or a woman. Let’s know how to do it?

  • First of all, sit on the seat of a blanket in Padmasana or Sukhasana.
  • Do this mudra in solitude.
  • Close your eyes and regulate your breathing.
  • Now inhale the breath and close the anus.
  • After that exhale and open the anus.
  • You can also do this at high speed. But the breathing will go on regularly.


Second Method:

This is the second method of Ashwini Mudra, in which this mudra is also done lying down. Let’s know.

  • Lay the seat of a blanket or Kusha and lie down on your back.
  • Now bend the legs at the knees.
  • Keep the hands by the buttocks.
  • If you want, you can also keep a headband between the legs. With this, people who have a complaint of hernia will also be cured.
  • Now open and close the anus with a fast speed.
  • In this also breathing will continue regularly.



Do not practice this mudra after eating food. There will be a lot of loss. While doing this mudra, pay attention only to the anus, if the knees are tightened then the problem of pain in the knees can also arise.


Spiritual Benefits of Ashwini Mudra:

By this mudra, man will get spiritual progress so that he can also increase his Brahma force.

  • Semen will be upward, which will help in Kundalini’s awakening.
  • This is a very useful mudra for meditation practitioners.
  • Helps in practicing celibacy.
  • Faith in God increases, which is very important for spiritual progress.


Physical Benefits of Ashwini Mudra:

As I have told you the spiritual benefits of this mudra. Now know about the physical benefits of it.

  • With this mudra, the face grows brighter.
  • Along with being radiant, the body is godlike.
  • All the diseases of the anal part are destroyed.
  • For those who get anal prolapse, this mudra is a boon.
  • This mudra is very beneficial for patients with constipation.
  • Along with this, the practice of this mudra also increases masculinity and youth.


At what time should this mudra be done?

It is best to do this mudra on an empty stomach in the morning. 

Is this mudra useful for women?

For women, this mudra is as useful as water for fish. When a woman gives birth to a child, after that she often has the problem of uterus prolapse. Ashwini Mudra is extremely beneficial to cure this.

In which posture does this posture become natural?

If you do Setubandhasana, then this posture is practiced in that posture. In Setubandhasana, the anus closes while rising and the anus opens while coming down.

Does this mudra cure pile?

As I said this mudra will cure the lumps which are with anal which are also symptoms of piles. And at the same time, it will also reduce the occurrence of piles.



Mudras have a very important place in yoga and a special mudra in it is Ashwini Mudra. Along with this posture, one must also practice Setubandhasana. With this, the benefits of this mudra will be more and at the same time, there will be an increase in strength in the body.


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