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How to fix the security application not opening issue?

Today, we use numerous applications on the device. To keep the application and device secure, a user requires a good security program. Software like antivirus helps to function properly without any malware concerns. There are various security programs available, you can install a good program and use it on your device. But few people reported that the security application is not opening on their device. 

Reasons behind security application not opening error:

  1. Your security application is incompatible with the system
  2. Junk is interrupting your scanning process
  3. Another antivirus is conflicting with your program
  4. Your system files get corrupted
  5. Security program-related registry files are not working
  6. You have changed some settings on the Security tab
  7. Some program files are missing

 Resolving antivirus not opening error

Check the requirements before installing the setup

Before you install any application on the system, check its requirements. Your device does not allow all programs to get installed. When your application is not opening, you should check for its resource requirements. Now match those requirements with your systems specification. If the system is not providing all the resources then Malwarebytes will not open on your system. You have to search for a compatible antivirus program and then install it on the system.

Delete the system junk files

Antivirus will start showing errors when the system has a lot of junk. These junk files interrupt the scanning process as they are not harmful but of no use. Many times, antivirus gets into an error while scanning these files. If the antivirus is not opening then you should go to the junk files and remove them. Open the computer and go to the temporary folder. Remove all the available files on the folder. Now, refresh the computer and then open the C drive. Check all the folders for junk. When you can’t detect the junk files on the system manually then you should run the junk cleaner. Windows devices have a utility tool that scans the whole system for junk files. You have to open the cmd and run the cleanmgr utility tool. The tool will run on the system and scan all the files. Click on the temp files and other items to remove. After removing those files, restart the system. Go to the desktop and click on your security program. 

Repair the registry files

If the antivirus program is not working due to corrupted registry files then repair them. These files are necessary for running the application. You should check the registry files and then repair the corrupted ones. Before you edit those files, you should keep the backup keys. Edit your program’s registry files only when you know the correct steps. Go to your cmd wizard and then type Regedit. Users may get the admin permission screen. Your system’s registry editor will appear on the screen. Search for the registry files related to your security program. Copy those files and save them with the .reg extension. After repairing the files, go to the antivirus and check for the error.

Uninstall the conflicting program

Few users face the not opening error while they are using the antivirus with a particular program. Whenever they run that program, the antivirus stops working. You can get this error if the running program is outdated or malicious. Go to the program and check for the new update. After updating it, run the program and try to open your antivirus. If the antivirus is still not opening then you should uninstall that malicious program from the system.

Undo the changes

When the security application is not opening after making changes on the settings tab then undo them. You have mistakenly restricted the security program. Open the same tab and undo the settings. In case, you don’t remember the default settings of the page then you should run the undo utility tool. Go to the system and search for Windows restore. Click on the restoring tool and run it on the system. Provide the restoring point to the tool and follow the screen. This tool will check for the changes and then revert them. After running the tool, click on your antivirus and scan the system.

Reinstall your security program

When the antivirus is not running due to missing program files then you have to repair it. Repairing those files is not easy. The user should reinstall the setup on his system. Remove the corrupted setup of your security program and then install the new one. Now the user should scan the whole PC for malware infection.

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