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How to Install Window AC Unit Effectively With Safety?

How to Install Window AC Unit ?

After you’ve double-checked all of the above items, it’s time to install window air conditioner!

To begin, remove the air conditioner from its packaging and gather all of the necessary tools, such as a screwdriver, brackets, screws, scissors, and measuring tape.

Next, and most importantly, contact your assistant! The procedure will necessitate the use of an extra set of hands. Don’t forget to read the user handbook as well.

You will want to ensure that everything is done in accordance with your window AC installation manual.

Before we start, a split model such as Reconnect AC can be a better option since installing it won’t require much efforts and the company will do it for you.

Step 1: Make a mark in the center of the window

Pull your window’s bottom sash as far as it will go. Next, measure the window’s size and indicate the center.

Marking the center ensures that the side panels reach all sides of your window evenly. Otherwise, the finished product would be uneven and asymmetrical.

Step 2: Set up the Weather Strip

Install a weatherstrip provided by your Air Conditioner manufacturer to restrict incoming air and protect your window from harm when installing or uninstalling the window AC unit.

Step 3: Connect the Window Air Conditioner’s Side Panel

Slide the side panels onto your AC and secure them with the screws provided. Check that the screws are secure and that there are no holes to prevent warm air and pollution from entering your house.

Step 4: Install your air conditioner in a window

Pick up your unit and place it safely in the window with the help of your assistant. Close the window, ensuring that the bottom window sash is precisely aligned with the AC.

Step 5: Install L-Brackets and secure the sash

You must fasten the window sash to prevent it from being unintentionally raised. Insert two screws into the window sash via the upper AC casing.

Drill pilot holes just for screws going inside your window frames to keep the wood from breaking.

Install L-brackets outside to secure the air conditioner. Also, attach the L-bracket to the window sash using screws. This keeps the bottom sash from opening by accident.

Note: L-brackets cannot be used with all types of windows. If you have a vinyl window, you can put wood strips between the sash and the top of the window frame.

Step 6: Attach the Side Panels

In this step, you will extend the side panels that were originally fitted with the air conditioner to the window sash track. Then, using screws, fix them in place.

Step 7: Fill In the Gaps

We’re almost there! Fill the spaces between the upper and lower window sashes with foam insulation.

If your air conditioner came with a foam strip, cut it and use it to fill the space; if not, you may purchase one separately.

Voila! You’ve put in your window air conditioner. Now you may experience a peaceful environment by plugging it in.

Combine it with a Cielo Breez smart AC controller for smart air conditioning, scheduling, location and temperature-based triggers, and more.

Dos & Don’ts of Window Air Conditioner Installation

If you’re wondering how to install a window AC unit, you should also consider if all of the procedures are essential.

In addition to the step-by-step guidance, there are certain recommendations and must-dos to keep in mind while installing a window AC unit to ensure a speedy and secure installation.

Again, we would suggest you opting for a split AC model for the ease of installation. Most importantly, Midea AC Review has explained some most advanced features of 2021 you can’t find in a window AC model.

Do Install L-Brackets

A window AC may be installed without the need for extra assistance, but a big unit will necessitate additional assistance (more than 100 pounds).

L brackets would be required for support. They come in one pair and are L-shaped to firmly keep the system in place. These support brackets lift part of the weight of the air conditioner off the window sill.

The L brackets help keep the window from opening and causing the unit to collapse, as well as minimizing window damage. The most recent models on the market do not even require drilling.

Do Attach Rails and Panels for Support

To keep your window unit in place and prevent it from falling out, attach the top and bottom mounting rails with screws.

Then, slide the side panels along the grooves on either side of the device to secure them. Ensure that the spaces between the window unit and the sides of the window frame are filled in with panels.

Do Install Foam Seals

To avoid droughts, the space between the two panes of the window must be filled. If you do not close the gap, your unit will have to work harder to keep the temperature stable and will fail to prevent moisture and dust collection in your room. It should be filled with the foam seal that comes with the window unit.

Do Allow Enough Space for Airflow

Check that there are no bushes, furniture, or walls within 20 inches of the AC. If your window AC gets smothered, it will not function properly.

Do Take In Account the Tilt

Window AC requires a tilt so that moisture collects in the drain pan rather than falling into your room. The tilt should be less than half an inch.

However, the specific figure should be found in the installation instructions. Because the drip pan is already fitted at a little slant, some newer models do not require the tilt.

Don’t Leave the side panels unfastened.

The side panels must be securely fastened to prevent the air conditioner from slipping out of the window. You may accomplish this by drilling holes in the side panels with the screws that came with your air conditioner box.

Don’t Make an attempt to install it on your own.

A window unit weighs between 50 and 100 pounds, and attempting to install it on your own might endanger your safety. Even if you can carry it, screwing it into place might be difficult.

It’s advisable to install it with the assistance of another person. Instead, opt for a model from Croma brand, as they offer free installation services.

Don’t Use an Extension Cord

When installing a window air conditioner, make sure there is a nearby electrical outlet. Do not use extension cables since they pose a fire hazard and may void your AC warranty.

Don’t Forget to Double-Check the Measurement

Your air conditioner must correctly fit your window, which necessitates obtaining measurements. Measure the window’s height and breadth.

Measure the square footage of your room before going AC shopping, and then purchase the system accordingly. Check the AC’s packaging for the maximum square footage it can cool/heat.

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