How to play Dordle? Today’s Dordle139 answers!

Dordle is much like Wordle, just doubled! It’s possible that this will appear to be quite frightening and perplexing, but we assure you that it’s really simply a matter of getting used to the new layout and learning how to multitask. The rules are the same, and the only thing that differs from the original Wordle game are the little details, such as the amount of guesses allowed. A Wordle challenge has one five-letter word and six guesses, whereas a Dordle challenge has two and seven.

Word game enthusiasts who are looking for a little something more from their word games will find that they have a lot of interest in Dordle because it is the perfect upgrade on the difficulty level that Wordle lacked.

What exactly is a Dordle?

I have a confession to make right off the bat. I first believed “Dordle” was a satire on the word game Wordle, a hilarious version aimed to make players chuckle. On my initial visit, the gaming page surprised and delighted me twice.

Yes, you may have already guessed it, but Dordle is an innovative version on Wordle that involves doubling the amount of grids in order to present players with a dual challenge. You can learn more about it here. It is a near clone of Wordle with twin grids in which you receive 7 tries (in total) to figure out two mystery words. The tagline for Dordle indicates that it is “Wordle plus Wordle” Double Wordle.

Every guess, or word entry, is simultaneously input into both grids. The goal is to figure out the hidden words in each grid by utilizing only one set of feedback to guide your decisions. A game of Dordle is like getting a reward twice, in more ways than one. Each player can choose between the daily or free dordle mode, despite the game having two Wordle grids. The Daily Dordle challenges players daily with the same “twin mystery words” conundrum.

The free dordle mode allows you to play an unlimited number of games, double the amount of enjoyment you have access to. You can play as much as you want, whenever you want, and there are no time or day limits. Doodle is termed “the daredevil’s Wordle” since it challenges players to compete against themselves. You use math, planning, and logic to find hidden words in two grids at once.

How to play Dordle

When you go to the website, you can access Dordle by clicking either the Daily Dordle or the Free Dordle option that is located on the main menu. Because it is so comparable to Wordle, playing Dordle is not very complicated at all. Free play and a daily challenge are the two primary game types available in this title. Both the Daily mode and free play operate in the exact same manner. The one and only distinction is that participants in daily mode share the same word with everyone else for the duration of the day. In free play mode, you can complete random problems at your own speed.

No matter the mode you choose to play, the guidelines remain the same. It is quite similar to Wordle, with the important difference that players are required to predict both words at the same time. There are seven possible answers to choose from when considering both words together. If a letter is yellow, it’s in the word but in a different place. Green tiles indicate the letter was positioned correctly.

Dordle Tips for Beginners

The initial word in a Dordle puzzle is the component that bears the most weight. You need to decide on a word that will assist you in rapidly refining your search results. It is a waste of your initial letter to choose a double letter or a letter that is uncommon, such as Q or Z. Generally speaking, good guesses include words like “ratio,” “crest,” “audio,” and “irate” that use a significant amount of common letters. Remember that a significant number of words conclude with ER, R, E, or S. This may assist you in focusing on specific words in your thoughts.

While you are playing, it is important that you pay attention to both of the words, but you shouldn’t focus too much on the one that is giving you trouble. When making your guesses, take your time. Dordle doesn’t have a time limit, so you can plan each guess carefully. If you have trouble visualizing your guesses, consider writing them down.

Wordle and Dordle are very similar. Both games use a grid-like structure with color-based tip tiles to help players guess the daily surprise word (or words).

Even the most basic letter and binding regulations are the same, down to the feedback system. Letters can repeat, words should be valid, and so on and so forth; you are already familiar with all of these rules from Wordle.

Your inner competitor not satisfied by predicting one word? Wordle’s spin-off, Dordle, is twice as enjoyable. How fast can you solve multi-word crosswords? If you have questions about today’s Dordle, we can help.

The Clues for Today!


  • The first word refers to the most senior of two individuals.
  • The first and the fourth letters both have the same vowel.


  • The second word refers to behavior that is devoid of vigor or enthusiasm.
  • It only contains one vowel, which is the second character.

The solutions for today are WANLY and ELDER.

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