How to start an online clothing business from home in India

Know your clothing business in India in full detail

Many brands and websites are coming from where people like to buy clothes. You can also do the same. Therefore, let’s understand how to start an online clothing business from home in India.

To know how to start an online clothing business from home in India, you must first develop a business mindset.

Further, when you think from that point of view, the first thing that will come to your mind is getting your business registered.

So, go for quick company registration online and fulfill all the legal necessities.

1. First of all, business planning is important

Many times, it happens that online shops are open but, they are not able to work. So, that is why you mustn’t have to face this problem. Thus, first of all, you should ask yourself why you want to open an online store.

Set your goal and, only then, plan your business.

2. Determining the Domain Name

Just like any offline shop has a name similarly, an online store must have a domain name. It gives a different identity to your business. You can apply online to buy a domain name based on your store. Keep in mind that this name should be such that it can give you a different identity.

3. Creating a Good Website

To start any online business from home most essential thing is to create a good website. A website is the identity card of any online business. People go to the website and get information about the business. That is why you must build such a website based on the theme of your business which is easy for people to use and, once they reach there, people should spend more and more time there, and only after buying something, they came out of the website.

4. Selection of Templates on Customer Basis

Like the interior of the shop, you have to set the template of the online store. Decide about it by choosing your theme.

5. Creating a Business Model

Once you have determined that you want to open this type of shop online, you will need to work on a specific business model.

Types of an online clothing business to start from home in India

After learning How to start an online clothing business from home in India, let’s see what kind of business model you can adopt:

1. Print on demand

Nowadays, custom printed t-shirts are very much in vogue, so you can make it your business model. Here you can take the idea from the people. What kind of print, they want to get done on their T-shirt or any of their clothes? In this way, you can print the things demanded by them. Can do demand printing.

2. Selling Designer Clothes

Currently, people have a lot of fashion sense. That’s why they want to try different types of clothes for themselves. In such a situation, you can give them something like this and, you also have the possibility of making a lot of profit.

3. Renting clothes

One can start this business on a small scale. In this business, even if you spend less time, you can earn a lot of money. You require clothes that people don’t like to buy forever. That’s why people rent clothes.

4. Running a label with your name

If you have a passion for creativity, then you can design and sell clothes yourself. You can fulfil the demand of people by making clothes according to different types of fashion.

5. Alternation Business Model

The success of this type of business depends on what kind of creative skills you have and how you change unique clothes.

6. Dropshipping

Here you can sell clothes directly from wholesalers. In this, you do not have to worry about storage, shipping or delivery, etc. All you have to do is connect the wholesaler to the customer and, you get a chance to make profits in between.

7. Keep Delivery Service Fast

Nowadays everyone wants to have their ordered goods with them as soon as possible. In such a situation your delivery service must be good. Keep local boys nearby for delivery who are aware of the location.

8. How much will be the earning

If we talk about profits, this business gives a lot of margins. For example, you can sell clothes worth Rs.100 for Rs.200 also.

Apart from this, the margin also depends very much on where you are lifting the goods or how is the quality of your goods.

Also, do the marketing of your business well, choose the marketing process according to the customer and move forward.


To sum up, in the business field you must keep yourself active and look for the ideas which are trending in the market to make a business success or you can go for company registration in Mumbai so that you can influence more the nearby market of your registered business.

As you have learned How to start an online clothing business from home in India, you can launch your business and start your career in the clothing business.


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