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How to Take care of Your Marble Furniture

The all-natural appeal of marble has actually been admired for centuries, as well as utilized in the residence for equally as lengthy. Each piece of marble is unique, and you can feel like you’re obtaining something unique when you purchase a piece of marble furnishings. Providing itself perfectly to the clean lines of contemporary minimal design marble has been gaining in popularity over current years. Marble can be a huge investment nonetheless, and you don’t want something you invested a lot of cash on obtaining spoiled by lack of care. So let’s take a look at just how to keep your marble coffee tables looking ideal. Take care of Your Marble Furniture

Among one of the most important points you can do for your marble is to secure it. Even if your item gets here secured already, you’ll need to re-apply a sealer every six months, or at minimum yearly. When water quits beading on the surface, it’s time for a fresh layer. While there are numerous sealers readily available online and in stores, we recommend using DuPont BulletProof Sealer. Remember that sealing your marble will certainly aid to drive away staining representatives however it doesn’t make the marble completely stain-proof. Take care of Your Marble Furniture

Clean with Care

If you have marble countertops or a marble table you’ll need to clean it every day. Marbled coffee or side tables may not require to be cleaned up daily but will still require regular cleaning. To clean your marble, clean down the surface utilizing a non-abrasive fabric or sponge and also a light soap (like dish detergent) as well as water. When cleaning, make certain you don’t make use of vinegar, Windex or bleach– these acidic compounds will eat into the marble as well as boring the stone. It’s likewise crucial to not utilize rough cleaner or pads considering that it can scratch the surface of the marble. Take care of Your Marble Furniture

Eliminate Discolorations

If your marble gets stained you’ll need to make use of something a little stronger than just soap and also water. Organic discolorations like coffee or juice will usually raise after putting a paper towel soaked in bleach over the place for 24-hour. Oil and grease stains can be removed by combining acetone and baking soda to make a thick paste and once again letting it remain on the stain for 24 hr. After the discolor has actually improved, clean the marble surface as regular and also re-apply sealant, as the acids utilized for cleaning will certainly create damage to the sealant. Any etching in the marble can be repaired by utilizing a marble brightening powder. Take care of Your Marble Furniture

Precautionary Treatment

There are various other actions you can take to assist shield your marble surface areas. Clean up any type of spills, especially those of an acidic nature, that happen quickly before they can take in. This will help prevent spots and also damage. For marble countertops, using reducing boards is a must (not just for your marble, but for the care of your blades as well!). For marble tables, coasters and also placemats will certainly assist keep the surface area risk-free from stains and also etching.


It might seem like maintaining marble surfaces is a lot of jobs, and for surfaces that obtain a great deal of use like countertops and also eating tables do call for caution to remain wonderful looking. But for many people, the elegance of marble is worth every one of the initiatives. Marble can be a terrific method to add an all-natural touch of style to your residence. Follow the above actions as well as you can embrace 


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