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How to Write Engaging Content for Ecommerce Websites

Engaging Content Strategy for Ecommerce Websites

Engaging Content Strategy for Ecommerce Websites

Writing engaging content is the key to having successful e-commerce websites. Content has become increasingly important for SEO purposes, but an equally important reason that business owners are focusing on content creation is that it provides a way to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry. Since Google’s Panda update, which was intended to lower the rank of sites with poor quality content, professional content creation has become necessary in order to stand out from the crowd.

Why is it Important?

Google tends to value professional, well-researched articles that provide a thorough overview of a subject. This doesn’t mean your content needs to be overly verbose or academic in tone. In fact, studies have shown that most people prefer shorter, snappier content that is easy to read.

For example, when writing about how your company can help your customers with product advice or installation, Google wants you to provide the type of professional information that will actually help these consumers make their decision. These are two reasons professional content marketing has become so important in e-commerce.

Why You Need to Be Engaging

If you’re not engaging your readers with professional content, then you’re likely losing them. In order to be successful in this industry, professional writers have to provide information that is accurate and original. Google rewards those who are able to do things such as solve a problem or give an opinion on a subject with compelling and professional content.

What makes professional writers so engaging? First of all, professional blog posts and articles will usually be written in a tone that is friendly and conversational. While this does not mean the writer needs to be overly informal, it does indicate that they are keenly aware of how their words might affect their readers. Professional writers also write for a particular audience and they usually know what that audience wants to see.

The best professional content writers don’t just follow trends; they set them. Since professional writers can quickly determine what works and what doesn’t, they tend to avoid the clichés that often befall bloggers and average content producers.

Now, professional writers aren’t perfect. The professional world of content marketing is constantly evolving, and it’s important for professional writers to keep up with these changes. This means professional writers need to be aware of what’s happening in the industry, including new strategies that work well and ones that don’t. Fortunately, professional content marketers are always developing their own skill sets; these professionals want to succeed so they are constantly learning to improve their abilities.

How to Write Engaging Content for e-commerce websites

As an online business, your website needs to give the professional impression that you are trying to achieve. This goes not only for what you write on your Homepage but also every landing page of every product category. There are several considerations to keep in mind when it comes to writing content for e-commerce. For professional writers, being able to accomplish these goals within the strict limitations of your chosen CMS can be tricky. The tips below will help you get started.

Use Keywords Strategically

If you are doing any sort of SEO, then including keywords strategically in your copy is crucial. Make sure that when you are drafting your copy, you think about what keywords would be most relevant to the product that your customer is searching for.

For professional writers, this can be a challenge when writing for e-commerce websites. For example, let’s say that you are selling cowboy boots on your site. A professional writer working from scratch might have a bit of trouble incorporating terms like ‘western boots’, ‘western wear’, and the like. Instead, professional writers should consider using more generic keywords that are less likely to be searched on by customers. For example, instead of ‘western boots’ you might want to think about focusing on selling cowboy boots in general.

Create a Theme

Maintaining an overarching theme throughout your copy can be a professional writer’s best friend. For example, if your theme is selling cowboy boots, then it would make sense to incorporate the terms ‘cowboy’, ‘riding’, and even ‘ranch’ into your copy. This way, each new page that you create will have a familiar tone and style which people can expect from your website. In terms of professional writers, this is a good way to add some consistency to your writing.

Customize Your Copy for Each Page

The most engaging professional content that professional writers produce is custom-written just for the customer in mind. For example, if you are selling cowboy boots on one page and mountain biking gear on another, they will require different tones and themes. For professional writers, this means that they will be able to use their creativity and professional abilities to tailor content for each product category on your site.

Supply Information That Is Specific to Each Product

Speaking of professional abilities, professional copywriters are also very good at providing information about a product that is specific to the customer’s needs. For professional writers, this means that you should not make assumptions about customer experience.

For professional copywriters, this is especially important when writing for e-commerce websites since the customers will be looking to purchase based on specific needs. To write professional content for e-commerce sites professional writers need to consider the limitations of your chosen CMS and how best to use it to engage customers.

Create a plan to promote your content to increase engagement and conversions

Not many people actively think about strategies to increase content engagement.

But professional online writers know that the more engaging your content is, the higher its potential is to attract new customers and keep existing ones loyal.

Here are some principles professional writers use to create engaging copy.

1) Write for humans, not search engines

Search engine optimization is essential to increase your content’s organic visibility on search engines.

But professional writers always start by considering their audience, not the keywords they’re targeting.

Write for humans first, machines second—and you’ll create high-quality, engaging copy that attracts and holds onto customers.

2) Remember that less is usually more when it comes to content

Don’t be tempted to add more information than necessary when structuring your content.

Instead, focus on the core message you want to communicate and deliver it in a professional, accessible way.

Remember the “So what?” test: if your readers don’t understand why they should care about what you’ve just written, then you’ll need to think about how you can simplify your message.

3) Your writing needs a purpose

Information that’s relevant and useful is always more engaging than content that simply offers a big block of text.

Before publishing a sentence, ask yourself: “What is the point of this sentence? What is it trying to say?”

Write a professional tone of voice, don’t be repetitive, and make sure the content flows.

4) Write headlines that intrigue your audience

Think about what information you want to reveal in your headline—then use a headline-writing formula to add suspense.

Add benefits if appropriate, but professional writers know it’s usually most effective to start with just the facts.

5) Use visual elements to support your message

Your text should be engaging, but that’s not to say professional writers forget about imagery.

Visuals can help illustrate points and engage readers by enhancing their understanding of your content.

6) Use storytelling techniques

Storytelling is an essential skill professional online writers use to connect with their audience.

If you want your content to be engaging, professional writers suggest you try using storytelling techniques in your writing process.

This can be anything from creating characters the reader can relate to, building an interesting plot, or describing scenarios that resonate with readers’ lives.

7) Avoid clichéd phrases and flowery language

Whether your professional online writing is intended for print or digital media, it should be professional.

That means avoiding clichéd phrases and language that sounds overly sentimental. Flowery language can make the text more engaging, but professional writers know it’s not the professional tone of voice.

Professional online writers avoid clichés by using original language instead—and they always double-check their writing for grammatical errors.

8) Tell your brand’s unique story through professional online content

Your professional online writings don’t have to be dry or boring!

Use storytelling techniques, illustrations, and other creative elements to turn your professional writing into the professional tone of voice—and give readers a glimpse of the people behind your company.

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