If you are vaping in cold weather, there is no need to take breaks

The Ultimate Guide To Vaping Temperatures

To enjoy the vaping experience, you must be aware of the temperature. The best thing is that you can set the temperature of your vape pen. The temperature of the vape pen has a significant impact on your vaping experience. So, you have the freedom to set the temperature of the vape pen to get a better taste.

We can say that vape temperature controls the quality, effects and vaping experience. Due to the modern technology in vapes now, you can manage and change the temperature of your vape pen. If you are new to vaping, you should use disposable vapes like  ivg beyond bar,ivg diamond bar because there are no complexities and no maintenance required. For excellent results, you should store the disposable vape pen between 15˚-25˚C (59˚-77˚F).

Importance of Vaping Temperature:

Finding the right temperature for your vape pen is an essential task. Why is vaping temperature necessary? If your vape pen temperature is not correct, you will not get an excellent vaping experience. There are so many vape devices; that it takes time to find the accurate vape temperature. You can keep the vaping temperature according to your demand. The range of temperature Completely depends on your puff capacity and throat hit.

Before knowing the vaping temperature, you should know about your puff capacity. The other important thing is the throat hit. If you do not get a throat hit according to your demand, you will not get an excellent vaping experience.

If we talk about disposable vapes like cola vapes, we can say that the temperature of the disposable vapes is fixed, and you cannot change the temperature in them. If you are in the cold areas and vaping, there is no need to do vaping by taking breaks. If you take breaks, the e-liquid will be frozen and affect your vaping experience badly.

Low-Temperature Vaping (325–350°F):

If you are new to vaping, you should keep the vaping temperature low. When you keep the temperature low, you can get a good taste of flavour and a good experience of vaping. Some vapers will tell you to keep your vaping temperature consistently low. There are some reasons behind it. When you keep the vaping temperature at (325–350°F), you will get a smooth hit, and you can avoid burning or harsh hits.

Medium Temperature Vaping (350–400°F):

If you are a seasonal vaper and enjoy experimenting with different flavours, then you should keep the vaping temperature at (350–400°F). By keeping this temperature, you can enjoy your vaping session. At this temperature, you will get a smooth hit. Vaping is very safe at this temperature, and you can also figure out your favourite temperature. You can use disposable vapes, too if you are trying to learn to vape.

It is irrelevant to compare the number of vapes with traditional cigarettes, as vapes are better than cigarettes. Vapes are the best alternative to cigarettes due to a number of factors, including the better cost of a product, the form of nicotine content, choice of flavour, and many more. These advantages come with both types of vapes, disposable vape as well as reusable vapes.

However, the new vapers or ex-smokers who recently switched to vaping are concerned to know how much vaping they need to consume which satisfies their cravings like cigarettes. So in order to know how much the quantity of a vape equals cigarettes, it is required to understand how many puffs of vape count as the same amount of a cigarette, while comparing them with each other.

Let’s Compare Cigarettes with Vapes:

Regardless, measuring the quantity of each element is quite impossible in a cigarette because of its non-customisable characteristics. This isn’t the case with vapes as the number of elements in vape is changeable so it is easier to identify the measure of their substances.

Before getting directly to find out the number of puffs in a vape which equals a cigarette, it is also necessary to consider other factors. Since vapes have another element that must be counted while looking for quantity measures for each. This also includes nicotine level, substance consumption, and battery capacity. This applies to both types of vapes, including disposable vapes like elux legend 3500 puffs as well as re-usable ones.

As here it is needed to discuss the number of puffs each has one by one so that the comparison can be made successfully. Therefore the number of puffs a cigarette provides is briefly described below, let’s have a look.

Measuring Number of Puffs in a Cigarette:

Usually, an average cigarette pack provides 400 puffs which contain 20 cigarettes. So simply considering that 400 in total and dividing that by 20 items makes it 20 puffs each cigarette. However this is an estimated figure, the total number of puffs solely depends on the smoker that how it takes the puffs. However, if you use disposable vapes you can estimate the number of puffs by looking at the e-liquid it has.

Obviously, taking long puffs will reduce the number of total puffs, in opposition making short puffs will make the cigarette last longer. Notably, the vape puffs are different from the smoke puffs because they contain vapour instead of smoke particles.

Measuring Number of Puffs in a Vape:

Vapes include many elements that determine the number of puffs it supplies. The most important thing that matters is the amount of vapour in a vape is the e-liquid it uses. In this regard the quality and density of e-juice matter. If the e-liquid which is being used is cheap, it will definitely don’t fulfil your expectations for the number of puffs. All types of vapes, including disposable vapes, provide fine quality and a sufficient amount of e-liquid.

Another thing which contributes to the provision of vape puffs is the battery capacity. It also matters how much power a battery supplies to the vape device. Significantly a vape typically can have a maximum of 2ml of e-juice which most often provides 200 puffs.

As there are about 400 puffs in a pack of cigarettes which has 20 cigarettes, a cigarette has approximately 20 smoke puffs. While a disposable vape consists of 2ml e-liquid, giving on average 200 puffs. Hence, a cigarette has 20 and as aforementioned a vape that can contain up to 2ml e-juice gives you 200, which makes 200 vapes puff equals to a cigarette.

Simply, it means that If you require more puffs in replacement of cigarettes, you can select a device with more puffs, as there countless options in vapes and you can select desired nicotine level so you will get a device according to your preferences. Notably, smoking cigarettes couldn’t be equal to using vapes because of the thousands of injurious chemicals included in cigarettes and the burning of tobacco that produces tar.

Vaping Temperature of CBD Oil:

If you are vaping CBD, the temperature should 356°F. There is not much difference between CBD and THC oil. If you are vaping CBD oil, you can keep the temperature medium, and it would be beneficial. You can keep the temperature of CBD oil at 410°F too. The reason is that CBD has a higher boiling point.


Vaping temperature is an essential thing and plays a significant role in the context of vaping. If the vaping temperature is not good, you will not get a good experience of vaping. It is kind of complex to set the vaping temperature, but with time, you will learn to set the vaping temperature.

You just need to keep your patience and try to buy a well-made vaping device. You can’t change the vaping temperature in most disposable vape devices. So, If you are in the learning process, you should use disposable vapes with low or medium temperatures for a good vaping experience.

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