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What online business owner doesn’t enjoy hearing about a successful eCommerce venture? (online business Singapore)

Though creating a successful online business is not easy, learning from others’ successes is a fantastic place to start. These kinds of stories are priceless for any ambitious Ecommerce firms since you can learn a lot from their accomplishments and sometimes even more from their blunders.

Today are many good Ecommerce practises out there, from the biggest online retailers to small but thriving family enterprises. However, to get ideas for your own webstore, we’ve included three of our favourite e-commerce success stories below, along with practical advice that will enable you to adopt their methods.

1. Amazon (online business Singapore)

Let’s begin with a significant Ecommerce success story from a well-known company. The fact that Amazon is frequently the first website that comes to mind when discussing e-commerce indicates that they clearly done something right.

Before growing into the massive retailer it is now, Amazon had a much smaller emphasis when it was first established in 1994 as an online bookstore. The website entered the Ecommerce sector early on and expanded by gradually adding more products.

However, one factor that really sets Amazon apart as an e-commerce success story is its development of the online affiliate marketing model, which many contemporary businesses still use. Given that their affiliate marketing strategy offers these two key advantages, it’s easy to understand why.

1. It enables other merchants to market and exchange goods on their website, earning Amazon a cut of the sales.

2. It inevitably increases the number of users who interact with Amazon’s website, increasing the visibility of their own goods and services.

The Bottom Line (online business Singapore)

Consider putting an affiliate marketing network in place if your website receives a lot of traffic and if there are products that relate to the information you publish.

You can find yourself creating a sizable stream of passive money by by making recommendations for the goods and services you signed up for through your website.

2. Pixie Faire (online business Singapore)

There are smaller Ecommerce success stories that are equally spectacular in their own way in addition to industry giants like Amazon. Take Pixie Faire as an illustration. This home-based business, which sells doll apparel designs digitally online, was founded by two parents who work full-time.

They started out by making doll apparel from scratch and selling it online through an eBay site. But soon enough, the demand for their goods grew to a point where it was impossible to provide it without outsourcing manufacture, which they preferred to avoid.

The answer? Digitize their patterns. The outcome? Their company took off, and now a whole specialised market for personalised doll attire is drawn to their website. Here is a transcript of an interview on their beginnings.

According to the interview, switching their store to an ecommerce-friendly content management system, email advertising, and video advertisements are some of the key strategies Pixie Faire credits for its growth. But ultimately, they think that the key to their success was having a clear product strategy that was targeted at an untapped market.

The Bottom Lin (online business Singapore)

A thoroughly considered product strategy can mean the difference between a successful company venture and a missed opportunity. However, even if you have a killer product, you’ll still need a powerful website to sell it.

Users of Magento don’t have to worry about picking the best CMS to launch their own Ecommerce success story. They can feel secure knowing that one of the most well-known and efficient Ecommerce systems is available.

However, expansions and regular maintenance are necessary to make sure a website has what it needs to sell its products at the greatest rate. Services are available, such as the one mentioned above, to enhance your store with practical additions, scheduled support, and performance monitoring.

3. Finch Goods

Another excellent example of a business succeeding on a normal Ecommerce marketing plan is the online men’s accessory retailer Finch Goods. With the help of high-quality items and conventional marketing that focused mostly on repeat business, this small company swiftly went viral in its appeal.

But there’s another reason why this online Ecommerce success story is among the best ones to examine. Six months following the company’s debut, Richard Lazazzera, the creator of Finch Goods, published a thorough blog post detailing how he used basic Ecommerce components to achieve his goals.

Lazazzera notes that maintaining a steady flow of client traffic through his website was one of the biggest challenges he had to face (which is an issue familiar to any webstore owner). He overcome this issue, though, by creating a thoughtful marketing strategy that kept his store top-of-mind for customers.

In a concerted effort to make his business more relevant to his current customers, he used abandoned cart email reminders, retargeting ad campaigns, customer loyalty programmes, newsletter emails, product recommendations, and other similar strategies. Ecommerce marketing basics, but when done strategically, as Finch Goods showed, the results may be amazing.

The Bottom Line

Any firm with a variety of things to sell needs to maintain strong relationships with their clients. There are numerous crucial solutions out there that can assist you in motivating repeat clients.

If your store isn’t already using cart reminders, there’s an excellent chance you are letting would-be customers leave you behind.

An illustration of a personal success story

Even the word “success” itself is fraught with misunderstandings.

Nearly everyone does not understand what “success” is. Most people will likely describe success as having a specific amount of money or tangible possessions, such as a car or house, if you ask them what success is. But in my view, success is more than just fulfilling your objectives. You must jump if you want to succeed. Even though it’s the toughest thing to do, jumping is necessary if you want to succeed. If you never jump, you’ll never succeed.

In the modern age of digital marketing, you may make your money work for you by gaining access to numerous passive income streams. This can be done in a variety of ways, such as by creating an affiliate website that collects commissions passively, starting a blog that makes money from advertising, or self-publishing eBooks on online stores.


Allow me to share with you some advice that will motivate you to start your own e-commerce business. If you’re considering doing so but are afraid to do so because of whatever constraints you may be experiencing.
Continue reading if you’re ready to be motivated.

The fact that it doesn’t matter who you are or what you have done in the past is one of the main benefits of online entrepreneurship. What you do after making the decision to enter your desired industry is all that matters.

Everything began with an online store.

I had no idea that buying and selling watches online would be my first experience with e-commerce at the moment. My dream was to work in the e-commerce sector. I didn’t know how to start an internet business at the time, so Avito was the only marketplace I had access to. This served as my introduction to marketing, order placement, inventory management, order fulfilment, and customer service. I wished I could handle things on my own.

Additionally, I had to create a website because I needed to market myself. To advance my business, I taught myself how to create a website and acquire new abilities. My website wasn’t very nice when I first started it, and I didn’t have a lot of expertise in the industry. I simply improved over time and picked up new skills as I went. I also had no knowledge of business marketing. In order to understand more about Facebook ads, I created an account and my first campaign. Facebook has been and continues to be a strong instrument for me to market my items online. One year later, I intended to use as a dropshipper to sell goods internationally.

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