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Is Composite Decking Right For Fences And Docks

Many people are now preferring composite decking for their homes. But the question is, will it also work efficiently in fences and docks? The answer is yes, it is a suitable material. But how will you know that it is the right choice? 

If this question is revolving in your mind, you are in the perfect place. In this article, we will have some idea about how composite decking suits even fences and decks apart from just decks. Still, if you want further details, you can contact Traditional Verandahs and Carports. For now, continue reading to determine whether it is the right choice. 

Why Composite Decking Secures Your Fences & Docks

Installation Cost

Composite decking is a good choice outdoors, but the installation cons can be a pinch in the pocket because sefaköy escort the installation cost is a bit higher than wood. But once it is installed, its other expenses are lesser than other decking materials. 


Conventional wood paints require regular repainting and repairs to make them last longer. This maintenance issue can be avoided in the case of composite fencing. Composite materials stay as it is even after exposure to the sun, rain, snow, and even insects and mold. 

Whereas wood structures are prone to damage if they stay in a natural environment without maintenance for a long time. The same thing applies to the docks too. Docks are also always exposed to nature, and composite decking can be a good choice there. 

Life Span

According to the professionals from Traditional Verandahs and Carports, composite docks and fences are ahead of conventional wood fencing and docks when it comes to life span. 

Composite materials are a mixture of PVC and wood fibers which are more likely to stay good for a long time compared to wood fences and decks. Fences and decks made of composite materials can last 10 to 35 years more than wood fences and decks. 

Heat Issues

Composite fences and docks come with a heat issue, but a later solution has also come. Composite materials are often seen to become hot after getting sun exposure for a very long time. Walking barefoot turns out quite tricky. 

But recently, some new technologies that came up with heat-blocking technology for composite decking material have evolved. This way, your dock can stay cooler even after exposure to the sun. 


Some people prefer the appearance of natural woods for their fences and docks. But nowadays, advanced technologies have developed in composite decking with realistic looks of wood. Hence, people are opting for composite materials when it comes to fences and docs. 

Bottom Line

As per the points discussed above, it is quite evident that composite decking can be a pretty good choice for decking and fencing. Hope this article is successful in clearing your doubt about the potentiality of composite materials in the case of fences and decks. You can talk to professionals with proficiency in decking Adelaide to better understand the pros and cons of composite decking in fences and docks. 


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