Is there a friendship between a guy and a girl?

Opinions are always divided on this issue. Some say that there is no such friendship because you simply cannot deceive nature and physical attraction. To understand the nature between a guy and a girl, it’s worth figuring out how it happens. First, they try to introduce many kinds of relationships that cannot be called friendly. In some cases, the so-called “friendship” is just an introduction to a relationship.

Signs of true friendship

There are several signs of true friendship that psychologists identify.

The first and one of the most important signs is a lack of sex drive. Relationships in which there are no ambiguous hints, flirting can be called friendly. If one of the partners allows himself this, then it will not be long before one of you falls in love or the friendship disappears altogether.

The second and important sign is the absence of prohibitions and taboos. In true friendship between a man and a woman, there are no prohibitions. For example, a guy can start flirting with one of your girlfriends, and you, on the contrary, ask him to introduce you to some of his nice friends.

Thirdly. In the first place is the beloved woman. No matter how close you are to your boyfriend, it is logical and correct that his life partner will always be a priority. A friend will help you in a difficult situation with advice, will come to the rescue if possible. But if a man gives up all his affairs, work, even his family, and then rushes to you across the city after the first call, the point here is most likely far from friendship.

And the last thing. Alcohol test. Are there 100% methods to check if a man loves or is friends with a girl? Of course, there are guys who will hide their true intentions to the last. But the saying “What’s on the mind of a sober …” is not in vain so popular among the people. Good old alcohol liberates and helps to bring hidden human feelings out of the shadows. Light alcoholic drinks, a secluded atmosphere will put everything in its place.

How not to spoil a strong and long-term friendship?

Don’t provoke. Some women like to test their charms on friends: flirting, flirting, coquetry, seductive gestures … A man’s eyes light up and he perceives a provocation as a call to action.

If you really value friendship, find another object to experiment with.

Know the limits. This is especially true of revelations about personal life and intimate preferences. It is with a friend you can try on linen or discuss lovers – she understands everything correctly.

What signs should you pay attention to:

  • excessive attention from a friend;
  • gifts for no reason
  • your friend avoids companies and tries to spend more time alone with you;
  • there is an interest in your hobbies and interests
  • he seeks to maintain tactile contact;
  • unmotivated irritation appears if you talk about other men.

Under what circumstances is friendship not possible?

No matter what relationship people were in, friendship after parting is impossible if:

  • irritation and resentment persisted, at each meeting you want to prove something, make your partner gnaw your elbows;
  • passion is alive, people are drawn to each other;
  • one of the participants is attached to the other, in love with him;
  • jealousy arises;
  • I am tormented by nostalgia, memories are very painful.

Psychologists recommend ending all relationships if possible after parting. If this is permissible, then it is even worth changing the place of work, social circle. Or step aside for the first time, until all emotions subside, and perception and thinking are rearranged.

Why do they think that friendship is impossible?

  • A person judges from his own experience. In life, he really would not mind meeting a friend or girlfriend, but this did not happen for some objective reason;
  • So said mom, dad, school or teacher’s council. Other people, with their own authoritative opinion, have established attitudes from childhood. Therefore, we have illogical and not related to personal experience of the installation;
  • I really want to believe in it. Victims of non-mutual love can “make friends” for years with those they love, and wait for the situation to turn in their favor. This is quite natural;

Friendship of a guy and a girl

Adolescence is slowly turning into youth. And friendship again endures tests – a period begins when almost every member of the opposite sex is subconsciously perceived and evaluated as a possible “couple”. But over time, it is easier to assess your feelings more and more objectively, to separate friendship from falling in love, attraction is already easier. And the phrase “we are just friends” comes much easier. I must say that often in friendly relations at this time there is also sex. No matter how it looks from the “generally accepted point of view,” sex often brings such friends even closer, makes the relationship even more trusting and warm. But only if both of them clearly understand that the relationship between them is precisely of a friendly nature. If not, the friendship comes to an end, because one of the friends is now waiting for something more. Nothing can harm a friendship more than unjustified expectations, jealousy, and addiction.

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