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Metro Wall Tiles Tile Styles and Inspiration

Metro tiles are a type of tiles that come in brick shapes that look extremely trendy and stylish in terms of design and are also functional. They are some of the trendiest wall tiles majorly used to decorate and protect kitchen and bathroom walls. The roots of metro tiles reside in the old Art Nouveau period, yet they are still in style due to their uber-chic appeal. These tiles were first seen in Paris in the underground train system. But due to their iconic, simple, and stylish appeal, they spread all over. Today, if you want to give your home a stylish touch, you can buy metro tiles and use them to make bold statements in the kitchen, in bathrooms, and on feature walls.

Though metro tiles are brick-shaped tiles, they are versatile in creating different designs through their arrangement and layout. Some of the metro tiles style inspirations for you are:

Herringbone style: 

The herringbone style is undoubtedly one of the best patterns you can make with metro tiles. Install metro tiles in the kitchen, bathroom, or a feature wall in herringbone style to create a poppy, stylish, and classic appeal. Metro tiles create a spectacular visual impact when laid in a herringbone style. This pattern helps in highlighting and creating an emphasis. You can experiment more with herringbone style by choosing different colours for alternating colours, making a bold grout line, and by twisting their orientation in layout. With this pattern, you can shine your creativity to make the space, where they are fitted, appealing and attractive.


Basketweave like herringbone style is a creative way of arranging metro tiles. This pattern gives a creative illusion of woven knit. To get this pattern done perfectly, you must pace each metro tile in the orientation of knitting. If done properly, this pattern gives an absolutely stunning look to walls. This style is exclusive and compliments the walls that are spruced. You can use this style for the backsplash areas in the kitchen or bathroom, in the feature wall of the bathroom or even in the outdoor patio area.

Vertical layout: 

Rather than laying the tiles horizontally, you can style the metro tiles vertically. The vertical metro tiles create a visual hierarchy and help eyes continuously move. This pattern is recommended to implement in tall bathroom walls, shower area, or even in prolonged walls of corridors and walkways.

Horizontal simple layout:

I find laying metro tiles straight in simple horizontal lines simple and sophisticated. In fact, this pattern looks extremely well suited for the kitchen walls. Stacking metro tiles on each other in a horizontal direction creates a harmonic and synchronized appeal. Crisp white metro tiles with coordinating colours could be wonderful. No other style can give a more neat, crisp, and clean look to a kitchen, bathroom, or feature wall.

Brick bond: 

But, if you like the conventional pattern of metro tiles popular among many, you can opt for that. Yes, the Brick bond pattern is the style in which the metro tiles are installed in the way brick is laid to construct a building. This style suits all kinds of walls, whether in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, or even patio.

Stretcher bond:

The stretcher bond pattern is another pattern of laying metro tiles is. It is a kind of a brick bond pattern, but it differs in the way that it is composed of stretchers set in rows by half tiles. This style can be incorporated for the backsplashes and shower and bath area.

No matter which style you pick to cover your walls with metro tiles, you have to agree that metro tiles are some of the trendy, classy, and timeless.

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