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Modern Furniture Trends To Look Out For in 2021

Are you an interior designer? Do you love to stay updated on the modern furniture trends and want to include them in your décor?

Furniture trends keep on evolving, witnessing the incorporation of newer designs, materials, and finishes. As a home décor lover, you should be aware of these ever-changing trends in furniture and ensure that you include them in your existing home décor theme as soon as possible.

In this blog, we are listing down some modern furniture trends to look out for in 2021.

Let’s check out the trends below.

Natural Luxury:

In 2021, we will see more natural materials in the furniture styles with a luxurious spin. Marble, plaster, and linen material are making a comeback this year. Marble coffee tables, marble tabletops, and dining tables are the perfect ways to include natural luxury in your home.

Sustainable Materials:

Sustainable materials will be on top of the priority list of furniture and interior designers. Show your love of rustic and natural styles in your home decor by picking materials with an eye on the environment. Aesthetically blend luxury and sustainability with bamboo, wood, and recycled materials in your home and create equally environment-friendly styles.

Layered Patterns:

In 2021, the use of patterns in wallpapers and other decor items will increase like never before. Get ready for patterned rugs, tabletops, wallpapers, and even upholstery. Interior designers include patterns in home décor at places unimaginable like wall colour palettes, armchairs, accent walls, etc.

Use of Metal Furniture:

Mixed metals are also emerging as a popular contemporary furniture trend in 2021. By mixing metals, you can create a well-contrasted and aesthetically balanced home decor. You no longer need to go for complete wood or complete metal furniture in your home – use mixed metal furniture for creating an effortless style statement in your home.


For years, minimalism has ruled the home decor themes – keeping things and layout simple and minimalistic. But now, the maximalism concept is being loved by people. This includes the use of luxurious and grand home décor accessories and furniture. This trend is in line with other furniture trends popularizing in 2021, like geometric patterns, mixed metals, and sustainable materials. Get ready to give your home decor a grand makeover this year.

Floral Upholstery:

Like geometric patterns are becoming popular in rugs and wallpapers, floral print upholstery is gaining traction in modern sofas and other contemporary furniture pieces. Showcase your love for nature with jungle printed designs and floral prints in bed and sofa upholstery, accent chairs, throw pillows, and cushions.

Multi-functional Furniture:

This has been in the trend for a few years now. The modern home spaces require furniture which is durable and multi-functional to give more in less. Storage beds, drawers, kitchen compartments, wardrobes, sofas, etc., are multi-functional furniture pieces. Hidden storage in the sofa and bed is becoming popular as they let you keep your home clutter-free.

Artistic Home Decor Accessories:

Get ready to include artisan-inspired home décor designs and accessories in your home featuring natural materials and hand-crafted elements. You can include artistic décor items when decorating your garden area, balcony, or other outer areas.

Now is the right time to give your home décor an update and include your favourite elements from the latest furniture trends.

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