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Need of Air Conditioner And Its Installation Charges

Air conditioners are a must in today’s time, especially in the summer season, starting from April till September. In most parts of our country during this time summer season prevails. The impact of summer is different in different parts. In some places, it’s scorching heat and dry weather, while in some parts, it is humid and sweaty. Let’s discuss AC installation and the charges involved. Air conditioners are something which can handle both these conditions and keep your indoors cool.

Earlier, there were not so many air conditioners, but with the increasing income of the middle class, now more and more families can afford air conditioners. This has led to the high demand for air conditioners in the past decade. Due to this high consumption, almost all the major AC manufacturers are now available in our country. You can find their showroom and service centers across most of the cities and towns in India. Some of them have even reached villages.

How To Get The Best Air Conditioner For Your Home/Office

Such a deep penetration shows the demand for air conditioners in our country. But even though of such huge availability one must be very careful in choosing the right kind of air conditioner for their household or office. It is quite easy to get spoiled by all the available options, but we should not let that happen.

Air conditioning installation caringbah, We should be very clear about our requirements and budget. Based on that, we should zero down a few of the options and models. You should also consider the service factor for the brand, there should be service centers available in your locality, and they can be reached out as and when needed. Also, you should make sure that the service centers are run by the brand themselves or are at least authorized by the brand.

Get Your Air Conditioner Installed

Once this decision is made around the brand and purchase is made, then the next important thing is about getting the air conditioner installed. For AC installation and AC installation charges, you must get an appointment from the service center based on your availability. On the scheduled date, the service engineer will pay a visit to your place and will do the unpacking of the air conditioner.

It’s important that the unpacking is done by the brand’s service engineer so that in case there is some issue with the product, you can get the replacement without any issues. Now the service engineer will ask you about the installation site, and based on the model you have; the installation will take place. Now the installation technique and the method will depend on the type of air conditioners and according to the space available. The cost of installation will also depend on the model you buy.

Installation Techniques Of Various Kinds Of AC And Their Charges

Window AC is the cheapest and most purchased air conditioner available in the market, and its installation is also very straightforward. You need to have a window in the room or space where you want the AC to be installed. The AC case is fixed into the window frame, and then the air conditioner is fixed inside it. That’s it, and now your AC is ready to run. The cost of installing a window AC is also the least among all other kinds of ACs.

The next most purchased air conditioner is a split air conditioner. This is perfect for spaces where we have no windows while there is enough wall space. The split AC as the name suggests has two splits or units. One unit is called the air handling unit and the other unit is called a condensing unit. The air handling unit is inside the room, while the condensing unit is placed outside in the open. Both of them are connected using a copper pipe. This copper pipe works as a heat sync.

The whole installation process is a bit tricky as the service engineer will have to drill through walls and then install the pipe system between units. He also has to make sure that the distance between two units is minimal so that cooling can be maximized. The cost involved in the split AC installation is also much higher than the window AC. From a power consumption point of view, split AC is much more power-efficient than window ACs.

Another type of AC that is in use nowadays and is very popular in wide-open spaces like halls, conference rooms are tower ACs. This is very useful in places where we expect many people to gather, and window AC’s cannot perform well in these spaces. Tower AC’s are much more powerful than both window and split AC and also come in two units. The first unit is a tower-like structure which is the air handling unit, while the cooling unit is placed outside just like the split AC.

There are some other types of AC’s as well as Cassette AC’s which are good for spaces where wall space is not available and hence once has to use the roof for AC installation but for such AC’s one must have a false ceiling in place as well, installing cassette AC’s are the most expensive among all of the above.

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