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Not able to solve Rubik’s cube since long? Try these 6 steps

A Rubik’s cube is presently one of the most mind-stimulating and brain activating toys in the market. Excitingly, Rubik’s cube has remained one of the longest standing bestsellers in the history of toys. 

No doubt! A Rubik’s cube is everyone’s favourite, whether it be adults, children, or adolescents. Despite your situation, place, or time, you can always lay your hands on this compact game which has the power of keeping you engaged for a long time. 

A Rubik’s Cube has endless benefits both for your physical well-being and mental stimulation. A Rubik’s cube is said to enhance an individual’s cognitive abilities and also help in promoting critical skills and problem-solving skills. Moreover, it also helps in promoting the dexterity and agility of fingers. 

Apart from the several benefits such as listed above, a Rubik’s cube is also great at getting rid of minor addictions such as biting nails and many others, moreover, it has also shown considerable results in helping relieve minor anxiety for individuals as well. 

With the amazing benefits on its list, a Rubik’s cube is very famous amongst people. 

This fun twisty puzzle could be played anywhere or anytime whenever you feel like it.

Despite being notoriously famous as a difficult puzzle, a Rubik’s cube could be easily solved if one could get hold of the basics correctly. 

With its amazing benefits in hand, it sometimes could be really difficult to solve a Rubik’s cube. 

So, if you are someone who has almost forgotten how to solve a Rubik’s cube, this step by step guide could definitely help you get started with your cubing.


  • Understand the cube better

The first and foremost step to solving a Rubik’s cube is understanding the cube better. Once you get comfortable with the pieces of the cube and its physical characteristics then solving it becomes comparatively easier. 

  • Carefully curating the right strategy to solve the cube

Once you have understood the basics and the physical characteristics of a Rubik’s cube, the next step would be identifying the goal and strategizing the path to reach the final destination of the solution of the cube. There are plenty of strategies available on the internet that you could opt for or even come up with your very own strategy. 

  • Figuring out the algorithm

Despite the word algorithm sounds technical, it is definitely easier than it seems. An algorithm provides a rigid solution or a pathway that leads you to your final destination. It is a step-by-step road map that helps you solve the Rubik’s cube with ease. You can either go for the ones available on the internet or come up with your own algorithm based on your cubing strategy.

  • Solve the white colour face-up

It is recommended to try to solve the white face first, and after solving it, put that face pointing upwards. This is a great hack for beginners or for those who are starting again to solve a Rubik’s cube. This hack will make your work easy by a great fifty per cent and will help you solve it rapidly. If you are unable to solve the white face first, then try solving the white corners then and build your way through it. 

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  • Make a cross after solving the white face

Making crosses on every face can help you to solve the cube with ease and rapidly. You can make the crosses on faces by starting with algorithms and going ahead with it. You can use different algorithms to solve the crosses on every face and finally complete your cube in this format.

  • Buy a simpler cube that helps you learn

Today the market is flooded with different kinds of cubes, which are fancy and have a different mix of colours. These cubes look very aesthetically appealing and gratifying. But, buy a simplistic cube at first, the reasons for it being plenty. Firstly a fancy cube no matter how great it looks is never very compatible with speedcubing, and secondly. it could distract your child from solving and learning to solve a cube to keep it as home decor. So, it is advisable to go for a simpler cube at first and then explore the amazing variety. 

With the help of these basics, you can easily help your child solve the cubes and feel proud and great about themselves. Moreover, during the pandemic getting a cube outside has become a tough task, so in order to solve this problem of yours. Cubelelo has great quality cubes and they deliver to your doorstep hassle-free. 

Cubelelo is India’s largest online cube store and has a variety of amazing quality cubes that you could gift to your loved ones or enjoy the amazing benefits of the cube yourself. 

So, without any further ado, order your cube until stocks last. 

Happy cubing!


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