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Sports to practice by the sea and Mermaid lessons

The aquatic environment is the ideal place to Sports to practice because the risks of falls and injuries are reduced. By the sea, water activities are numerous and the summer period invites holidaymakers to try one of them. Find out which sports are the most popular or the most attractive to practice by the sea.

Activities in the water

Windsurfing: also called windsurfing, windsurfing requires a little practice and a few lessons with a qualified instructor to familiarize yourself with the equipment and learn how to lift the sail. Boarding is more affordable today because boards are suitable for beginners and reduce the risk of falls.

Kitesurfing: nautical traction sport that allows you to move forward using a kite or a kite. Kitesurfing is very popular because it allows you to perform impressive acrobatic figures.

Surfing: an ultra-popular water sport, surfing is a very physical and very complete sport. However, you must arm yourself with patience and perseverance to master the activity.

Paddle surfing: it consists of standing on a board and using the oar to be able to move forward. It has the reputation of being easier to practice than surfing because the board is bigger and therefore allows you to keep your balance more easily.

The paddleboard: the activity consists quite simply of lying down on a longboard comparable to that of a surfboard but with much larger dimensions and sliding on the water by rowing with the hands-on on each side.

Sailing: the name “sailing” covers various activities that are practiced on a boat at sea. The dinghy is the most widespread and the most affordable for beginners. The catamaran or the sailboat is a more difficult boat to navigate and which are reserved for experienced pilots.

Wakeboarding: it combines surfing, water skiing, and snowboarding. To practice, you just need to be towed by a boat with a rope and use the waves as a springboard to perform jumps and skids.

The aquatic hoverboard: is directly inspired by the flying skateboard, also called the hoverboard. The principle is simple: a board is connected to a jet-ski by a hose and the power of the water propels you directly into the air.

Underwater hiking: an activity that allows you to observe the seabed while swimming on the surface of the water. The activity is also called “snorkeling”, “snorkeling” or “PMT” (fins, mask, snorkel). It is practiced without a scuba tank and breathing is done through a snorkel. During the descents, the practitioner dives into apnea.

The jet ski: this is a motorized nautical vehicle that you ride like a motorcycle. It is necessary to pass the jet ski license to practice solo.

The fly fish: this is a large inflatable buoy towed and connected to a 115 HP boat by a rope. By gaining speed, the buoy rears and flies up and can even reach up to 5 m high and over 40 m.

Activities at the water’s edge

Beach soccer: it is similar to classic football and is played on the sand. He stands out from classic football by his intense level of play, his high number of goals, and his acrobatic gestures.

Parasailing: also called parasailing, it is a variant of sports parachuting which is done by plane jumping. The principle is simple: the parachutist rises in the air hanging on a parachute sail from the ground or a body of water by being towed quickly by a motorboat.

Mermaid lessons

Want to wave like a mermaid when you venture underwater? It is possible if you take mermaid lessons taught by real professionals who teach you “mermaiding”, a practice straight from the United States.

Mermaid lessons are now offered in USA

If ” mermaiding ” made its appearance in the states of Florida and Michigan, in the United States, it is now possible to learn and practice this sport by online. The first mermaid course school opened in Miami this year and another will soon open in all USA, allowing you to learn to swim like these half-woman, half-fish creatures that make us dream so much.

To do this, you will need to learn to swim tight-legged in a lycra monofin specially designed for this sport and acquire underwater freediving techniques. The lessons are personalized to the maximum in order to allow each student to progress at his own pace.

To be able to take mermaid lessons, no level is required. You just need to be over 8 years old and know how to swim at least 100 meters without stopping. On the budget side, if you want to enroll in the Marseille school, you will have to count 50 euros for one hour of class, this price including the rental of the costume.

The teachings given during the mermaid lessons are similar to Pilates

Do not think that discipline is superfluous and consists only of putting on a glittery fishtail: it is about being adept at the effort to manage to swim with the grace of a mermaid. Note in this regard that the sport, halfway between sport and art form, is largely based on the synchronized swimming during lifeguard certification classes.

Thus, in the program of mermaid classes, you will find many similarities with Pilates such as:

  • Learning the fluidity and efficiency of travel.
  • The drainage.
  • The toning and strength training body.

As you will have understood, it is above all a question of working the abdominal belt, the back, the glutes, and the thighs, but you will also have to perform breathing exercises to be able to swim in apnea.

In Marseille, you will follow these mermaid lessons in a swimming pool whose water is cut off with saltwater, and in which loudspeakers play music.

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