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Planning and Marking of Six Pack Abs Surgery

As the trend of six pack abs surgery is widely getting famous among people, many people head towards protein consumption, intensive exercising, steroids, etc. But it is very important to understand that not these things are not meant for everyone. These can be harmful to the body and in many cases can even create irreversible damage to the body. Read our six pack abs surgery guide below.

In today’s dynamic world, everyone wants to look their best. The social trends and beauty standards also change frequently. In such a case, it is not easy to look your best and feel confident about your physical appearance.

We have a solution for you. You can get your desired six-pack abs without much hustle.  You have to opt for six-pack abs surgery. If you are looking for a place to get the best six-pack-abs surgery in India then, you are in the right place. Dr. Amit Gupta provides the best 6 pack abs in Delhi. To know more about the six-pack abs surgery click here.

For such people, six-pack abs surgery is the best solution. If you want to get that sharp body & six-pack abs then, this surgery can be helpful for you. Let’s dig deeper to understand more about this surgery. You can also visit our clinic to get further information regarding 6 pack abs in Delhi. Dr. Amit Gupta is known to perform the best six-pack abs surgery in India.

Six-pack abs surgery Guide in Marking

The surgeon marks the appearance of the six-packs according to the desired traits of the patient. The patient should discuss his expectations from the surgery with the doctor to get the best results.

Why is marking six-pack abs important before the surgery?

Before the surgery, the surgeon marks the shape and appearance of the patient’s abs so that the patient gets the most efficient results. Every person has his or her natural abs muscles in the abdomen region which means that every person can have abs through surgery.

The surgeon marks the ridges of the muscles to determine the shape of the muscles after the surgery. The marked shape of the abs helps the surgeon during the surgery to create the shape that is possible with the natural muscle shape of the patient. It provides more natural-looking abs after the surgery. To book your spot for six-pack abs surgery, click here.

How is the marking of the six-pack abs surgery done?

Let’s try to understand how the marking of six-pack abs surgery is done to create the perfect natural-looking abs. For further details about 6 pack abs in Delhi, you can visit our clinic.

The surgeon starts marking the six-pack abs from the midline in the abdomen area. The surgeon creates the outline of the abdominal muscles to create the six-pack abs according to them for natural-looking results. In the six-pack abs shape, the midline goes in while the adjacent side body muscles come in the shape of wings from the sides. The surgeon creates the outlines of the abs along with the ridges of the muscles.

The ridges of the muscles define the extent of the six-packs. The muscle ridges can be asymmetrical in patients which is normal. The surgeon creates the abs around these asymmetrical ridges to give a more natural appearance to the abs. mostly the muscle ridges are in a curved shape. The lower abdomen has no natural abs. The surgeon removes the extra fat around the abdomen area and also according to the marked area to create the appearance of the abs. The final results can take up to 3 months to be visible after the surgery.

Six-pack abs surgery

Let’s discuss how the six-pack abs surgery is done to give you your desired body shape and chiseled abs.

How to prepare for the surgery?

If you have decided to undergo six-pack abs surgery then you must contact a board-certified surgeon for it. Dr. Amit Gupta is famous for performing the best 6 pack abs surgery in India. Before the surgery, you should discuss your treatment plan in full detail with your doctor like precautions during the procedure, cost of the surgery, etc.

Also, be mindful of discussing every important detail regarding your medical history with your doctor. Before choosing the surgeon you should also check all the work history of the doctor to be sure that you’re landing in experienced hands. That’s why you should visit Divine Cosmetics to get the best six-pack abs surgery in India.

Surgery Procedure

The main procedure used in six-pack abs surgery is liposuction. Dr. Amit Gupta uses VASER liposuction which is a more advanced and safer technique you can compare to conventional liposuction. VASER reduces the amount of bleeding as well as increases skin contraction which provides better results.

The surgeon, first of all, does the marking to ensure the appearance and shape of six-pack abs. The patient is given anesthesia before the surgery. After it, the surgeon begins the general liposuction procedure. Through liposuction, the extra fat and tissues remove to give a slimmer and tightened appearance to the body. In the final stage, the incisions close and stitch. The average time for the six-pack abs surgery is about 3 hours. Dr. Amit Gupta is known to perform the best VASER liposuction surgery as well as the best six-pack abs surgery in India. If you are looking for the best treatment to get six-pack abs in Delhi then, visit Divine Cosmetics now. To know more about six-pack abs surgery in India, click here.


In conclusion, we covered the six pack abs surgery guide. everyone aspires to have a nice framed body and having six-pack abs is one of the traits of an ideal body. But not everyone’s lifestyle or health allows them to get those perfect chiseled six-pack abs. Six-pack abs surgery though you can solve this problem. You can achieve the figure of your dreams with this surgery. Dr. Amit Gupta is known to perform the best six-pack abs surgery in India. So now waiting for what? Book your spot here.

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