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Possible Causes and Treatment of Hair Loss in Teenagers

If you’re a teenager, you may have noticed that you’re losing body hair. When you’re a teenager, it’s something to be concerned about. Teenagers are typically emotional and tense since they are in the prime of their lives and their hair is falling out. However, you do not want to be concerned because various factors can cause body hair loss. And there are particular remedies, preventive, and cures available to help you stop hair loss. Let’s look at some of the major causes of body hair loss in teenagers:


As young children develop into teenagers, their bodies go through a variety of changes. These are changes they have never seen before but are quite familiar with. There is an influx of new hormones in their bodies. These hormones impact many elements of their lives and bodies, including eating patterns, body hair growth, mood swings, and so on. Body Hair loss is one of these alterations.


Hair loss can also be produced by some medications, which can affect both teens and adults. For example, if any young girls take birth control drugs to treat or control PCOS, they may have hair loss as a side effect. These medications also cause hair thinning, and doctors often give them to girls who have excessive hair growth.

Nutritional deficiencies

There is a fad among youngsters to get smaller and fitter, which is a wonderful thing. They begin to believe, however, that missing meals would make them thinner and fitter. In addition, everyone eats a lot of junk food and processed food while they are a teenager. The amount of nutrients required by the body is not delivered in both of these circumstances. A lack of nourishment for the hair is also a result of this. Teenagers then begin to experience hair loss. You must consume green and leafy vegetables to nourish your hair as well.

4. Excessive Styling

Teenagers are preoccupied with keeping up with the latest trends and keeping up with their peers. They occasionally get to the point where they use many different sorts of chemical-based hair products while doing so. These hair goods are suitable for the short term, but in the long run, they harm your hair for a long time, and teens begin to experience hair loss after 2-3 years.

5. A More Serious Medical Condition

Excessive hair loss can sometimes be a sign of a serious medical problem. Therefore, it’s crucial not to dismiss it. A scalp infection, overactive, uncontrolled diabetes, skin diseases, or trichotillomania are some of the severe medical conditions that can cause hair loss (compulsive hair-pulling).

Hair Loss Treatment and Prevention

You can prevent and treat hair loss by following the steps outlined below:

Dietary balance: It is necessary to maintain a healthy diet. You must eat nutritious foods at optimal caloric consumption.
Omega 3s: You should consume more omega-3-rich foods.
Hair conditioning: You must wash and brush your hair gently at all times. Use oils to hydrate and nurture your hair.
Vitamin shortages: You should test for vitamin deficiencies, particularly iron, regularly. Hair loss in women is frequently linked to iron deficiency, according to studies and research.
Hormone imbalance: You should also have tests done to see if you have a hormonal imbalance. If you do, it can be corrected.
Reduce stress: Parents should be involved with their teenagers because they go through a lot that might stress them out and cause hair loss.
Massage and oiling: Giving the scalp the correct oil and massage will improve its health and result in fewer or no hair falls.


These are any preventative measures you can take to avoid hair loss. However, if the problem persists, you should see a doctor. Losing body hair in teenagers is a common problem that lasts a short period, but other symptoms accompany it. It might be a cause for concern.

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