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SEO: who he is and what he does exactly

This question is always central to the thinking of those who are new to the world of web marketing: what is SEO? Search Engine Optimization (Search Engine Optimization): Define strategies and procedures for placing websites or web pages in organic engine results. What are you doing to quit your business? And what should the work of those marked with this work do? Difficult to answer in a few words.

In fact, this acronym is an acronym that refers to search engine optimization i.e. search engine optimization. An infinite substance framed in the SEM (Search Engine Marketing) universe and cannot be achieved by one person.

So when people ask me who SEO is, I always think of the list of specializations to consider. Where to start? Here are the details for those new to this fascinating and complex industry to explore. And that deserves special attention.

Who is SEO: a rough first definition

Here again, the question is legitimate for those who are starting to operate in the world of digital marketing.
Digital Marketing is the marketing component that uses the Internet and online digital technologies to analyze the market, develop strategies and put them into practice and it cannot be 100% solved in an instant. But it is true that there is a line to be followed in giving an explanation to those who are fasting in this matter. So what are we talking about?

SEO is the specialist in search engine optimization. Define the strategy to follow to place the site (blog
A blog (short for “weblog”) is an “online journal” or an informative website that displays information in reverse chronological order with the latest, portal, e-commerce) in relation to the sector.

The query is typically used to indicate a request that a user makes through a search engine. When looking for something in an engine useful for client purposes. It can work on different fronts, each time wider and with undefined limits.

Previously, we were only talking about the big branches that still define the heart of SEO today: on-page and off-page optimization. Respectively, all work-related strategies that can be developed on a single page and external activities. Like building links.

The evolution of SEO, risks and difficulties

Over the years, the world of search engines has become more and more complex and includes areas that previously depended only on other professionals.

I refer to the user experience, for example: Today, the satisfaction of users, who load pages in seconds and use the different elements of the mobile phone, is linked to positioning.

Not to mention the risks invested by those who decide to launch an impromptu SEO campaign, gather ideas and insights gathered online without a well-structured strategy.

Think about the activities to get inbound links or the structure of a complex site like an e-commerce. Who is SEO? First and foremost, a person capable of moving professionally, bringing results to the fore and reducing risks. Other definitions?

SEO manager for campaign management

One of the most important figures in this sector is linked to the grassroots organization. You need a link building specialist, an expert in keyword research and site structure. But do each continue according to their experience? Intuition? By improvisation?

No, that’s the point: you need an SEO manager. In other words, a person with generic skills but able to cover the whole world of search engine optimization.

You may be leaning towards a particular industry, but your most important skill is one that allows the business to evolve in a particular direction. That it’s not just about positioning, but attracting the right people to the site with all the tools you need. If you are looking for the best SEO company Oxnard you don’t have to look for it. We got it covered for you iDigital Fixit is the best SEO company that you’ll need. Do visit them to know more about them and what other services they are offering.

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SEO specialist: professional and consultant

This figure is confused with the previous one, in many cases instead (and I agree with this opinion) an SEO specialist is understood as the professional who is capable of providing an independent service.

For example, when a business needs specific advice to solve a problem, it can contact a search engine optimization specialist. Which can indicate the way to go to solve the node.

How to become an SEO expert: just study?

Let’s get back to the basics of it all – those trying to understand the limits of the SEO profession may have a goal to strive for. You want to work in this sector, seeking information on the strategies necessary to acquire the skills to put them into practice. And make money with clients and companies.

The way forward is complex, not easy. Those who work with search engine optimization have a responsibility that cannot be ignored: to place the right page for the queries that capture the objective.
Target refers to a group of potential customers to whom a company wants to sell its products or services. Therefore, the objective is also of a product or service, is to make a difference with respect to the competition.

But how do you get SEO? Certainly, the way forward is divided into three main threads. On the one hand, it is necessary to start working in a company that operates in the digital world, as a young figure, to obtain the proper learning and understand the secrets of the profession for those who have a good company behind them.

The activity to be carried out with personal projects

Create a blog and start working on positioning. Take what you give to the extreme, don’t be afraid to make mistakes. And learn from everything that happens. Even if the site stops working, that’s fine – you did it on your own domain to avoid harming customers. Then there is the training.

There are those who buy books dedicated to search engine optimization and web writing, those who read industry blogs and subscribe to a webinar. A webinar is a live virtual event that takes place online. It is an educational or pedagogical session that includes visual and auditory communication free and paid. Is all this enough?


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