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Simple Welcome Home Gathering for a Newborn

Bringing home, a baby is such an exciting and blessed experience for parents. After all the months of carrying and taking care of baby inside the womb, finally your little one can already see the outside world and everyone around him. So you need a baby gift hamper for your new born baby.

Since parents are busy and tired with all the post-birth activities, it is up to the relatives and friends to organize a welcome home party to welcome both the baby and the parents back home. If you’re one of those who are tasked to organize a welcome home party, here are some quick tips that you’d really find useful.


Decorations help set the mood of the house to a little bit festive and welcoming. When decorating, it is best to keep things simple and fuss-free as much as possible. Simple decorations are easy to clean up, the new parents would surely thank you for lesser clean-up they need to do after. Picking a theme based on colours are perfect and more budget-friendly as well. Just a few balloons, some garlands or even just fresh flowers will definitely make the space look lovely.

Gift Basket

Gift baskets are one of the most thoughtful presents you could bring into a welcome home party. They are fully customizable depending on what you prefer or need. Whether you’re organizing or attending a welcome home party, giving a gift basket is a perfect way to show the family that you care. You could have a baby gift hamper filled with newborn essentials such as clothing set or grooming essentials. Aside from baby items, don’t forget to include things new moms would find helpful such as sweet treats, moisturizing hand cream, comfy sleepwear, and many more. Baby gift hamper one of the most essential things for any new born baby.


baby gift hamper
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Photo Shoot

Having some photos to treasure is one of the things parents would surely love to have. During the party, don’t forget to have a photographer capture all those precious moments. This could be filled in by a relative or a friend who is good in taking photos. Be sure to snap a lot of photos as you can so you could easily filter the best shots.

Presents for the Siblings

If the newborn has older siblings already, it is best if you also have some surprises set aside for the older siblings as well. Children crave attention and it would be a bit difficult for them if suddenly all the attention is at the newborn.

Let them feel that they are still in the picture by having presents for them too as well as showering them with attention during the event. That way, it would help them feel that it is great to become a big brother or sister since they are not left out of the picture even if they already have a new sibling who needs much attention and care.

Welcoming home a newborn is a special day. Make it extra special by planning and preparing everything properly for the family and making the event an extra memorable one.

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