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Swimming Suits – Some must buy for women this summer

There are two types of people. Ones who love summer, and the other is boring people. There is nothing in between.

Swimming Suits: There are two types of people. Ones who love summer, and the other is boring people. There is nothing in between. So, what is it that you can’t love about summer? You can eat and drink whatever you want. Ice cream and desserts hit differently in the scorching heat. You can wear some of the best dresses you can’t wear in winter because you have to cover yourself up.

Furthermore, how can we forget the picnics and holidays? And most of all, the beach! Whoever doesn’t like to go for a dip in the ocean and sunbathe on a hot summer day seems like a sociopath. It would be best if you lived your life to the fullest. And what is an excellent place to have a good time than the beach?

When we talk about beaches, there is no way we can omit talking about our swimwear. As if going to the beach isn’t enough fun for us ladies. We need to look the best. After all, it is the 21st century—the era of ever-changing fashion. One day, cheetah print bikinis are the new big thing, and the next day, camo swimming suits for women are blowing up. Therefore, we ladies need to be on our feet to play catch-up with all the recent trends and fashions.

However, today, we will discuss some of the ever-green swimsuits for women designs that won’t be obsolete for a long time.

Which design in swimsuits for women to choose from?

Sure, there are many designs available for swimsuits for women. However, a lot has changed since the time of a plain one-piece swimsuit and a two-piece bikini. So many changes are made to this two primary swimwear that there is a wide variety of swimwear you can choose from depending on your mood.

There are at least eight other types of swimwear in one-piece swimwear for women. These types vary in their designs and alterations, making them look more attractive and fashionable.

Some examples of one-piece swimming suits types include:


one-shoulder strap



All these designs have a unique design that gives them a different look than the other.

Similarly, there are many variations in the two-piece swimming suits as well. For instance, there is the high-waist bottoms swimwear. It is mainly for the vintage-lovers. The bottoms of this two-piece swimsuit can be as high as the navel. They are giving it the perfect old-school ’90s vibes.

Some other types of two-piece swimwear include:

Halter top


Triangle top

Bandeau top

Best brands for swimming suits for women 

Let’s cut to the chase. We understand there are numerous clothing brands out there. And most of them have a section for swimwear. However, here we have short-listed some of the best sites online where you can shop your favorite swimsuit, whether it is a one or two-piece.


Is the best option for you if it is difficult to find a swimsuit that fits you best. Their collections are filled with modest possibilities as well as floral designs. It is implausible you won’t find something you don’t want to buy.

Solid & Striped 

Solid & stripes have been up and running for ten years. Yet, all their summer collections are fresh and up-to-date with the current fashion trends. Their collections include designs with graphic prints, boho-Esque knitwear, retro cutouts, etc. Making Solid & Stripes inventory a very versatile one.

Apart from their race against trends, you can always visit them to find your favorite classic two-pieces or vintage-style swimwear.

Jade Swim 

Jade swim is another brand that loves keeping fresh stock for its customers. They have everything you need. So whether you want a swimsuit for a backyard pool party or to take a vacation to the Bahamas, Jade swim has you covered. Do not forget to check out their classic back cutouts and triangle tops with high-waist bottoms.


Aerie is a child brand of American Eagle. They are never short of fresh, new stock and always have the best clothing options. Every once in a while, we stop by Aerie for a fresh pair of underwear. But get out of the undergarments section for a change. Check their swimwear section out and see if you like something. And we’re sure you will set your eyes on something. They always keep the fresh stock and have the best designs at a great price.

Vitamin A swim 

Vitamin A swim is undoubtedly the best choice if you are looking for a place with plenty of options. Their products have the best quality and are very water-friendly. If you plan to buy a high-end swimsuit with good durability, Vitamin A swim is your go-to.

Sara Christina

If you are in the mood to make every head turn at the beach, you need to check out Sara Christina’s catalog. They have a great collection of swimming suits for women that will make you look different and aggressive. Their swimming suits are studded with pearls, shimmer, and whatnot. In addition, their unique necklines are an eye-catcher. They are delivering a vintage vibe crossed with western chic.

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