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Types Of Belly Button Rings Trending In 2021

With COVID-19 having kept most of us in lockdown, many have forgotten what it felt like to be truly liberated with piercings. Be it nose or belly button piercings, all of them became a big NO worldwide due to health safety fears. However, rejoice in knowing that now, belly button rings, in particular, are back and have become the next hit trend this year, which you certainly don’t want to miss out on!

Having said the above, let us introduce you to a few currently hot styles that you should be getting as well if you are considering belly button piercing as an option. 

How to determine which belly button ring is for you?

When it comes to assessing whether you should be opting for gold belly button rings or any other style, there are a few components you should pay heed to. 

For instance:

  • Choosing the material:

Now, the umbrella of belly button rings is, in essence, highly vast. Therefore, first, finalize what material you want. Is it an alloy? Sterling silver? Are you aiming for gold or platinum? Once the material is in place, your shortlisting for the best belly button ring as per your need will become as easy as devouring a slice of cake.

  • The style:

There are numerous belly button ring styles out there. However, you need to see what works for you. Are you into seamless rings? A captive ring? Or even a reverse belly button ring, for that matter? Remember! Such rings signify you and the kind of person you are, which is why this kind of shopping is no joke and should be taken very seriously! 

  • The bling!

We all love a little bling in our lives! We live for it! From clothes to jewellery, and even hair accessories, accents make our existence a whole lot fun! But, if you are considering a belly button ring, then this is your preference. Some people find gem-studded belly rings a little heavy, and hence, they avoid any decorative accents. 

Whereas on the other hand, many like dangling rings. Therefore, it is entirely a matter of personal preference where you have to choose at the end of the day as per your needs!

Introducing you to the 5 Hot Belly Button Rings this Year!

  • Captive Belly Rings:

This ring is a navel piercing essential and usually comes with two beaded dents, which meet the circumference of the belly bar. For anyone who is aiming for a minimalistic yet impactful look, this is what we recommend. They, match with all of one’s clothing, are a highly affordable option for any piercing fanatic out there!

  • Diamond Belly Rings:

Who said that diamond could only be seen on parts of your body such as the neck, ears, or hands? There is no right or wrong time for getting these rings, as they have been the subject of immense talk this year. They look effortlessly chic, and if you ask anyone as to the best way to clean diamonds at home, then you’ll hear comments such as “wipe with an alcohol swab every other day!

And that is IT! This is precisely why diamond belly rings are everyone’s favorite. Safe to clean, stylish to wear, and pleasurable to look at!

  • Crystal Explosion Belly Rings:

For any crystal fan out there, who is always into something eye-catching and heavy, these are the new trend you need to be a part of! These belly rings may feel heavy at first, but they make anyone look like a Queen! It is meant for anyone interested in crystals and wants their inner self to shine as bright as the star! Not to forget that these rings aren’t affected by any extreme hot or cold temperatures either, which is all the more reason to buy them!

  • Pregnancy Belly Rings:

Who says that pregnancy can’t be fashionable? While motherhood is indeed one of the best gifts that life has to give, it doesn’t mean that you can’t continue to channel your inner fashionista and make a statement with your sense of style!

Pregnancy belly rings have been all the hype this year – they are safe to use, flexible, and have extra long shafts, which can be easily cut in accordance with your needs! Lastly, with these rings at hand, you don’t have to worry about buying new ones anytime, as they bend as your baby grows, therefore delivering an unparalleled look of fashion and sophistication simultaneously! 

  • Reverse Belly Button Rings:

These rings are all the fun! Trust us on this! They have attractive-looking features, along with bent barbells that end up going top-down from your belly piercing. Additionally, all of these rings at hand are built to ensure precision, which is why 100% satisfaction is a guarantee.

If you are in search of fancy-looking belly button rings, then ItsHot.com is an outlet that you can consider. Safe, affordably priced, and trusted by millions, this brand reeks of quality! 

How to Clean Belly Button Rings?

Here, a few steps each day can make sure that there is no spread of bacteria. 

  • Remove the ring every night, and wipe it with an alcohol swab, or
  • Take a cloth, spray some water on it, and wipe the ring until it is clean.  
  • You can also clean the ring with soap, but we don’t advise it in the case of diamond rings, as we don’t want that valuable stone getting scratches or any form of abrasions. 

The Takeaway: Belly Button Rings Are Here To Stay!

Belly Button Rings are nowadays being endorsed by all celebrities and influencers and popular brands akin to Calvin Klein and Versace. If you haven’t had the chance to buy one for yourself as of yet, then we suggest that you do it today! 

After all, there is no limit to the number of rings one can wear. Lastly, let us not forget that these rings endow you with an inexplicable sense of fashion and superiority, which is why incorporating them today in your routine won’t be a bad idea in the long run!

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