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Due to the spread of COVID-19, security of passengers becomes a major concern for the authorities. The majority of masses are travelling nationally, internationally, and so on. The increment in travelling rates leads to the increment in infectious disease. However, no doubt, people follow all the norms for their protection but travelling authorities also have some responsibilities. To lessen the stress of responsibilities, Vehant technologies establish the FebriEye.

About Temperature Monitoring System

After doing the deep and accurate research they end with finding the best temperature monitoring system. It really lessens the burden of mass security against the COVID-19. In addition to that, it is basically an AI-based thermal temperature screening system. It has the features of the fever monitoring system that offer the alerts. It gives the indication when a person who is covid-19 passes through it. The FebriEye is a great invention which is a blend of several features. With this technique, you do not need to worry about contact contamination.

Here is the list of some features which makes the FebriEye different from the other temperature monitoring system.

Striking features of the FebriEye:

  • It is fruitful in measuring the forehead temperature.
  • It is based on AI face mask detection.
  • Follows the social distance monitoring
  • It has the great feature of the temperature monitoring system.
  • It is also loaded with the feature of non-contact detection.
  • Consist of the feature of thermal camera
  • Dual camera facility that is thermal including the vision.
  • Gives you the real time alert
  • High Throughput
  • Convenient deployment
  • Accuracy including the +0.3 C with the black body.

Apart from these features, it is ideal for the indoor or the covered areas which are full of high volume pedestrian transit such as entrance to events, several transport hubs like the metro station, airports, and so on. In addition to that, it is also used in the buildings, manufacturing plants, commercial complexes, hotels, and so on. It works by covering the large areas in a short time. It is highly flexible in monitoring the masses and identifies the COVID-19 patient.

With the high-volume alert, authorities get the alert and which restrict the spread of COVID-19. As a result, authorities get the control over it and do not find any difficulty in detecting the COVID-19 Patient.

In the end, these are the attractive features of the temperature monitoring system. It is a great invention of Vehant technologies that makes the work easier.

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