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The Most Adventurous Desert Safari in Dubai

Offers the ultimate and top class range of Desert Safari and Adventure Tours in Dubai. The Company is the leading Tour Operator in Dubai providing adventure travel in the region. Desert Safari Dubai is an incredible attraction for tourists who come to Dubai and is rated as the best adventure tour in the world. It provides travelers a unique chance to see a number of animals in their natural habitat.

One of the major highlights of a Dubai desert safari is the opportunity to enjoy an authentic camel safari riding experience. A camel safari on the sand dunes of Dubai offers passengers a great way to view the wildlife and scenery of the Arabian Desert. A camel safari takes place at various locations all through the Dubai desert; but is particularly popular at Al-Wasi bin Zayed Road, located on the south western edge of the city. Riding on the back of a camel through the lush desert can be an exhilarating experience.

A desert safari in Dubai gives the ultimate chance to see the wild horses and wildebeests that inhabit the wild alpine meadows and high plateaus of the al- Hajar Mountains in the north. The terrain here is completely different from other parts of the country. Through the guided tour guide you can see the animals in their natural habitat, interact with them, and feed them, or take part in their breeding. For an Adrenalin rush experience, a desert safari in Dubai will take you on a quad bike riding tour of the famous Dubai plains.

Other exciting desert safari starts include a visit to Al-Wasi Bin Zayed Road. A place famous for the luxurious desert tents. Here you will see traditional Bedouin village life and learn about some of the cultures of the Bedouins of the Naif Region. At the end of the desert you will come across several traditional souks. Where you can buy souvenirs. Buy camels or quad bikes. And have fun in the desert.

You may want to consider a hot air balloon ride over the desert. If you want to experience a completely new environment, you should try hot air ballooning. On your way up to the desert you will pass through a number of towns. Where you can go shopping or enjoy the desert safari. Once you get near the town of Satwa you will come upon a large village of people working on dune blasting. This is one of the traditional desert industries operating here, earning their living by selling sand to industry and tourists.

On your way up to your hotel you will pass through a desert camp called the Wadi Feroop. Where you can spend the night. This is a typical desert camp and is home to an old school cafeteria and an old school that have cactus fields that lead into the Wadi Feroop. Your hotel will give you information about local activities, restaurants, shops, and the nearest restaurant to your room. There will also be a gift shop in your room and you can order from there.

One of the things many visitors do not realise is that there are more than just Bedouin people in the desert. The Shariff tribe, which is one of the wealthiest tribes in the country, also operates its own camels here. They are the only tribe permitted to operate camels and their trade is mainly in livestock and camels. Many tourists come to the Wadi Feroop for the camels and the opportunity to ride one. Many visitors prefer to stay at the desert camp instead and then go back to the hotels. Which allows them the opportunity to enjoy the Bedouin village further.

Two of the main activities in the desert that attract visitors the most are camel riding and quad biking. Both these activities are available to all visitors but the conditions for riding in the desert are a little rough. The best time for a ride is from mid May to mid October. Although the weather tends to be hot during the summer months. Camel riding can be dangerous and many riders try to avoid it altogether. Preferring the safety of the sand dunes to the chance of riding a camel. However, it is the experience of the desert that makes camel riding well worth the risk. Those looking for adventure in their holidays can find something to do on any of the four desert tours Dubai has to offer: they have safaris, adventure tours, nature watching, and more.

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