Tips To Design An Alluring Custom Embroidered Hat

The classic hat embroidered with an attractive design can bring a whole new look to your outfit. You can purchase the embroidered hat from the market. Also, you can custom design your hat in your way. For designing the custom embroidered hat, you need to create a beautiful design that you can convert into embroidery work. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss different steps involves in the hat embroidery process:

1. Pick Right Style Of Hat

First of all, you should choose the right hat style that suits you. When it comes to choosing the right style of hat, then there are plenty of options. The most popular options for hats are snapbacks, Dad hats, Trucker caps, Bucket hats, Beanies, Visors, and many more. You can choose any hat as per your preference.

2. Create Design

You should make a design that you can easily embroider on your hat. The design that you have made for created design cannot work well in the embroidery process. The embroidery technique is completely different from the printing method. Therefore, we recommend you create a design that is friendly for the embroidery process.

The stitches of thread in embroidery are thicker than the paint strokes. It means that the details in the printed design are difficult to show in the embroidered design. Most people do the same mistake again and again. They use the same design they have created for printing to create the embroidery work. If you will do this, then you may fail to get the desired outcome.

3. Keep Design Simple

The key to achieving success in embroidery is to keep your design simple and attractive. It is quite easy to embroider simple designs like raiders embroidery design and they can also create a striking impact. For instance, the simple design embroidered with white thread will look beautiful on a black hat. You should never try to embroider the detailed design. 

4. Consider Only Limited Colors

While creating the embroidery designs, it is very important to note that you cannot create embroidery designs that have plenty of colors. If you want to create a design with multiple colors, then you should not choose too many variations in the color.

Also, the design with multiple colors should have large details to properly show the color variations. While choosing the different colors in your design, you should also make sure how many colors can be supported by your embroidery machine.

5. Choose Type Of Embroidery

There are different embroidery techniques and they provide different results. You can choose any kind of embroidery technique based on the results you want. There are three different types of embroidery methods: flat embroidery, 3D puff embroidery, and a hybrid of both.

In the 3D puff embroidery method, you will observe the raised thread of embroidery. On the other hand, the flat embroidery technique will help in laying thread flat on the hat. Finally, the hybrid embroidery technique shows the combination of both 3D puff and flat embroidery in one hat.

6. Embroidery Rules

If you want to observe desired embroidery results, then it is imperative to create a good balance. According to the rule of thumb, you should keep your design in the middle of the hat and it should span out from the middle. It is very important to maintain your design in the center. If you do not want to see lopsided while wearing the hat, then you should keep the design in the center.

7. Dabble In Side Embroidery

To get the polished embroidery look, you should add the small logo of your brand or organization at the side of your hat. You can add either the brand logo, initials of your company, or something else. Ideally, you would add a logo or your company initials. If you want to embroider the hat only for brand promotion, then you can skip the front embroidery design and only design cap with the brand logo.

8. Convert Design Into Embroidery File

The embroidery machines need the embroidery files to convert the design into beautiful embroidery work. Therefore, you should first convert the design into a digital embroidery file. You have to use some special software for converting the design.

You can also get the digitized embroidery file online such as Philadelphia eagles logo SVG embroidery design. Some websites offer embroidery files of various famous designs. You can search online and easily download the preferred designs.

9. Determine The Embroidery

You should know the available embroidery design so that you can choose the right side of the design. Hats with a higher profile can be used to create large-size designs on them. On the other hand, small size of embroidery design is used for low panels of hats.

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