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To Hire Or Not To Hire, What To Look For In An Marketing Agency Partner

At some point or another, you might be required to make the question about whether or not you should engage an outside marketing agency if you’re going to be the primary day to daily contact with the company or simply giving your thoughts because you are aware of the particulars, the personality, and the nature of your company.

If you’re looking to hire a digital marketing agency Cardiff that is creative, for instance, the marketing and executive teams are likely to make the final decision. 

However, it doesn’t mean you’ll not be asked to provide your input as part of the decision-making committee at the conclusion of the process. Or, you could be invited to participate in the initial weeding-out stage of the process. 

If the partner is a company, creative or affiliate firm there are some key aspects to consider and sort through when selecting an agency partner. Whatever kind of partner you’re searching for, they all are vitally and essential to the success of your company.

Do You Have Experience In The Industry?

Does the agency have a relationship together with B2C or B2B companies? Does the agency know the market you are targeting? There is no need to make it appear too real, such since you’re an accounting company and you are looking for an agency that has a relationship with accounting firms.

But, as an accounting firm, then finding an agency for marketing that collaborates with professional service firms is likely to be a great match.

Day-To-Day Contact?

Most of the time the person who sells to you isn’t necessarily the person who you’ll work with daily. Be sure that the company has a project manager who is designated and that you meet with them before you commit. 

Do you have a good personality match? Does this person have the vision to be able to see the project through to completion?

Payment Structure?

Are you paying a flat amount per project, an hourly rate or is the company working with a monthly retainer? Is it a milestone-based schedule for payment or monthly?

In terms of pricing, you could believe you’re making comparisons of “apples with apples” but you’re actually not. If you only ask about the cost per hour, you’re not getting the full picture.

Industry Reputation?

Industry awards and creativity aren’t all that important, but it’s nice to see an agency getting recognized by colleagues for the work it does. Find out about the design awards, marketing awards, Customer service awards, technological awards, etc.

Does The Firm Follow Through On The Principles They Teach?

A digital agency Cardiff claims to be the best in SEO?, how does their own site rank for specific keywords?

If an agency claims they’re experts in web design, do they have a great website with a user-friendly interface? If the agency believes in using marketing strategies for their customers, then they ought to be practising these on their own.


To reduce the risk to you, it’s essential to take care to consider the length of your contract and also the conditions. An average online advertising company will require an agreement that spans between 6 months and one year.

A three-year contract comes with many risks because you’ll be obligated to this agency for a long period even if you’re satisfied with the outcomes to avoid legal fights.

Also, make sure to confirm that the contract will automatically renew when you don’t end it prior to the expiration of the contract.


Every agency will have glowing testimonials and references on their website and proposal. However, you should ask them about an unrelated project from their portfolio and ask for references for that client.

If they’re displaying the work, they ought to be ok with the client speaking on their behalf of them. Also, ask for references from their own suppliers or a network of professionals within their circle of friends who they work with or collaborate with regularly.

The Most Important Criteria To Consider When Choosing An Interactive Marketing Agency

When it comes to marketing it’s the method of planning and implementing the concept of price, promotion and distribution of ideas, items and services that fulfil the needs of the person and the organisation.

Interactive marketing is a conversation between clients and the business in a one-to-one manner. The medium is usually online. In the context of interactive marketing, marketers interact with their consumers or customers in a direct and emotional way or in a tangible manner.

Marketing through interactive channels is crucial and essential for any business. Whether it’s a small or medium-sized company or one that is large.

Based on the Forrester Research reports, they have proven that B2B interactive marketing could reach $5.7 billion by the year 2016 and mobile marketing is responsible for a large portion of this rapid expansion.

Therefore, it is clear that the use of interactive marketing is important for the growth of a company. So, the next question is “How do you pick an advertising agency Cardiff that can provide appropriate Interactive Marketing services?”


It is one of the primary factors that aid in the creation of marketing strategies, demand creation or the combination of both. A company must meet this requirement first.


Creativity and innovation are other aspects that can justify one’s efforts. A business should have an innovative approach to its work.

Demand Creation

If there isn’t a need in the market, then generating demand or generating an impact is a skill an agency must have.

There are many strategies and disciplines an SEO services Cardiff must be able to use e.g. SEO (search engines optimization (SEO) and managed paid searches, web maintenance and development, etc.

Social Media

We are all aware of the importance that social media has in today’s context. Everybody is claiming to be expert in social media. However, there are a few companies with significant expertise in social media with longer sales cycles.

The difference will be determined in relation to their capacity to demonstrate experience in social marketing as opposed to simply increasing engagement.


In this case, the genuine or best agency will meet their promises on time, and present their reports in a tangible and understandable way. They understand their task and deliver their work promptly and with a satisfactory result or excellent value.

When these elements are deemed to be justified and you’ve spotted these agencies on your list It is now up to you. Sometimes organisations do not know the need for an agency that is interactive or something more.

It is crucial to know what you need prior to making a final decision. To begin with, ask yourself, what are the goals and objectives of your business? What are the requirements and expectations of your company?

It could be things like web development, lead generation, brand awareness and display advertising, among others. You must determine these aspects first. 

You are the one who must discover where you’d like to stand out. What are the best places to locate your clients? If you’ve thought about these steps, it will be easier to find the perfect agency.


The above evidence shows that a reliable, effective and efficient SEO company Cardiff is able to establish a strong brand for your business, as well as focus on a specific niche market. 

The agency also has the capability to offer an experience that is full of services. They cover everything including online advertising to website development. 

If you’re thinking of implementing an interactive marketing plan for your business and searching for an agency, you should consider these factors at a minimum for the best choice.

A large part of the success of an organisation is dependent on what they call the “company that they run.” Business partners, vendors’ affiliates, partners, and even customers will determine the reputation, success and expansion of a business.

Michael Owens

Michael Owens serves as the marketing advisor of Head45 in Cardiff Bay. He is a specialist in customer experience and an expert brand strategist who is keen to take on challenges that will help the business expand. Michael puts his creative energy into penning posts that are both interesting and useful for the most popular blogging sites.

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