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Top 5 SEO Guide for Beginners in 2021

To ensure that your website has the best chance to rank on Google and other search engines, SEO optimization is important. Check out these SEO Gudie, It will make your web page visible to your visitors, generating more traffic.

All search engines are governed by complex algorithms. It takes a lot of effort to convince these bots that your webpage deserves the highest ranking. That is why, to make your task easier, they provide a set of guidelines to adhere to.

By following these simple beginner steps you can start your journey of developing a healthy webpage.

Check out some of the many steps that you need to take for the development of your page.

What are certain SEO guide for beginners to keep in mind?

The SEO tips for beginners mentioned here are reliable and the first steps that you will take in digital marketing. They will ensure that your content or webpage falls under the ranking and is able to grab visitor’s attention.

1.Write longer posts

long content

Usually, longer posts allow the incorporation of more information in the content. When a blog post ends at 800 words, there isn’t much information to pass on to visitors. Therefore, this affects the dwell time in a website. Also, in a niche, longer posts help administer authority. Readers also gain confidence that the website can provide the required information.

Also, the longer blog posts, the more time a user will spend on a website. There was also a study that indicated that longer blog posts get more social media attention. A blog under 1500 words is likely to get around 174.6 tweets but a blog over 1500 will receive 293.5 tweets.

Therefore, when posting blogs, try posting longer blog posts. It will attract more readers to your website and help you climb n search result ranking.

2. Write Original and Fresh Content

Search engines use web crawlers to scan through websites. They index the site based on algorithm factors. So, every time you upload content, the search engine takes notice. Therefore, an SEO guide for beginners is to post fresh content routinely. Post quality website content and bring in more traffic to your website. Or else you can hire any content writing agency.

3. Keywords Research

neil patel

According to a study, 95% of web visitors don’t look beyond the first page on a search engine. Therefore, if you use the wrong keywords, it will affect your website ranking. Low organic traffic to a website will also drop sales to drop. So use the right keywords in your content. There are several tools and applications available for you to search for the right keywords and use them in your content.

4. Meta Optimization


After writing a particular content, it is crucial to optimize the same. It ensures that visitors read the content and bring in more traffic to the website. Optimize your webpage by adding the right keywords and maintaining proper subhead distribution. Also, make sure that content is of optimum quality and not in passive voice.

5. URL optimization


A website URL mentions the web address and specifies the location of the site on the internet. Keep your website URL relevant and keep it definitive. Also, add hyphens to keep the words separate. Also, an SEO tip for beginners would be avoiding the usage of URL parameters.

Therefore, these SEO guide for beginners will help you roll in more visitors to your website. Also, it will help your website move up in ranking and increase dwell time.

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