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Top Fixes If Gmail Is Not Working On Your iPhone Device

Gmail is a widely used online platform to connect with people. It is also used by the people to do their official work such as sending or receiving official emails etc. Gmail is not only famous in one country but is popular worldwide. But is your Gmail not working properly on your iPhone device? Then you are at the right place.

Once you are done reading the whole article you will get to know the reasons for your Gmail not syncing on iPhone and also the solutions to fix these issues. You are entering your password correctly and you are sure of it but still, your Gmail is not loading on your iPhone device then there might be several causes for it and you obviously need to find the solutions.

Security is one of the main concerns of people nowadays for both people and the companies. People do not want to get their personal information stolen and the companies of course do not want to get sued. This leads to tightening the security and when such a thing happens, when security gets too tight and no explanation is given to the users, many of the people get logged out of their accounts.

Sometimes, if you are trying to log in from a new device or from a new location Google might block your access because of security reasons as the device and the location are not familiar to Google and hence you will notice that Gmail is not working on iPhone.

Now, let us look at the ways which we can use to fix these issues of Gmail with iPhone.

  • It is possible that Google blocked your sign-in attempt and you are not informed about it via email. It is advised that users should check the recent devices on Google’s website. You will find this information in the section called Device Activity and Notifications.
  • The next way is to first remove your account and then log in it again is a very commonly used trick. You should try removing your Gmail account from your iPhone device entirely and then set up Gmail on your iPhone again. You do not need to worry about your data, removing an account does not remove all the data. Your information like emails, contact numbers, etc will be stored in your account and you can restore it whenever you set up your account again.
  • Another possible reason due to which Gmail might not be working is the IMAP. You might have disabled IMAP on your device may be unintentionally and if IMAP is disabled you won’t be able to get your mails from the server. So, you have to check once, whether the IMAP is turned on or not, and if not then you should turn it on. The process is a bit tricky but you will get it if you follow the directions given on-screen carefully.

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