Top Ten Credit Score Myths: List of Credit Myths You Should Know

We’ve researched the 10 most common credit score myths and explained them below, so you can start improving your credit score today. We’ve even added a few ways Cactus Credit works to dispel these myths, making it even easier to find out more about your credit.

Your credit score is something that will accompany you as long as you live and make purchases, especially large ticket purchases such as buying a house or car. For this reason, it is incredibly important to make sure that you know the myths of credit scores and do your best to keep your credit in the best possible shape.

If your credit is not where you want it to be, that’s okay! These myths will help you to be better informed about future credit scores and credit cards, which in turn, can help you improve your financial health!

  1. Checking My Credit Score Will Lower It.

Incorrect. This is one of the most common credit myths. It is important to know that checking your credit score does not hurt it. However, if you need to have your credit score checked by a third party on a credit line, your credit score may be affected by asking for your report. Therefore, we advise you to limit the number of credit checks you receive so as not to damage your credit score, even if it is minimal.

  1. Closing A Credit Card Has An Impact on Your Credit Score.

Incorrect. Your credit card has no positive or negative effect on your credit score. If you have kept this credit card in good condition, paid out consistently, and kept it as a positive account, closing the card will not harm or benefit you. If you close your credit card, which is in bad condition, it will not have much impact either. The history that comes with this card will stay with you for 6 years, even after you close it.

  1. Your Income Affects Your Credit Score.

Regardless of how well your work is paid, it has no positive or negative impact on your credit score. Your credit score is determined by how great you pay your bills and how much you owe. Of course, the more money you have, the easier it is to pay your bills consistently and on time.

  1. If You Have A Good Credit Score, It Means That You Are Rich.

Incorrect. Similar to the myth outlined above, an excess of money or a lot of money does not guarantee a good credit score. If you have a good credit score, you have consistently paid bills or loans on time, which does not necessarily mean that you have a lot of money in your bank account.

  1. Carrying Credit On Your Credit Card Can Increase Your Score.

Wrong. Carrying a balance with you has no way of helping your credit score, it will only reduce it. Keeping a balance on your credit card will only cause it to look as if you are not paying it, and will also cause you to pay interest. Credit reports want to see people repay their credit cards in full when the payment is due. The minimum amount you are allowed to pay will not be able to move the credit score upwards.

  1. Getting Married Affects Your Credit Score Based On Your Partner.

Wrong. Your credit score is yours and yours alone. Even if you get married, your partner’s credit score may not affect your credit score negatively or positively. However, when it comes to making large joint purchases, both you and your partner’s credit score will be checked to see if you receive a credit that can then affect how much you receive or whether you are approved for credit.

  1. The Use Of Debit Cards Can Help You Evaluate Your Credit Score.

Incorrect. Debit cards are not associated with credit cards at all, because when you spend money with a debit card, it comes directly from your chequing account, in other words, from your own money. If you can pay your credit card bill consistently, it may be better to pay for everyday purchases such as gas, groceries, and other everyday necessities with your credit card. Credit card companies like to see uniform bills and payments. It is a small way for you to build credit – just make sure you always pay your bills on time.

  1. Your Poor Credit Score Will Last Forever.

Incorrect. A bad credit score can definitely improve over time, as long as you do the right things. If you do the things that have brought you into a bad credit score, such as not paying your bills on time, then, of course, there is no way that it will get better! If you start paying your bills on time and have multiple credit lines that are consistently repaid, and you eventually start to see your credit score go up, and you become financially healthier.

  1. Employers Can Check My Credit Score.

Incorrect. It is illegal for an employer to check your credit score to check you as an applicant. It is also completely irrelevant for an employer to have this information, like the way you spend your money or debt is not important for your employer to know it. However, if your employer should grant you credit, then they may be entitled to know your credit score. Regardless, they cannot verify your credit score when hiring a suitable candidate for a job advertisement, citing this as a reason not to hire you.

  1. Poor Creditworthiness Means You Will Never Be Admitted For Anything.

Incorrect. Poor credit scores can make it difficult to get approved, but it is not impossible. Lenders take other factors into account when determining whether you are eligible for a loan or evaluating your credit score. On the flip side, you may have to pay a higher interest rate or pay a deposit to make sure they feel comfortable lending to you, as you would be considered riskier.

Credit Card Myths Debunked

We know that learning about credit scores is a long way away and that mistakes are likely to be made. Everyone has been through it before, and mistakes are the ones that help you learn and grow. So don’t be discouraged if you’ve made some or if you’ve believed these myths in the past! We hope this helps and can’t wait for your credit scores to improve.

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