What Are The 5 Biggest Tells In Online Poker Tournaments? 

A lot of people might wonder how does one sense a tell in a virtual environment like one does in a brick-and-mortar casino. Poker tells are a pattern of behaviour that gives away sensitive information about your opponent’s hand, and in that case,

it doesn’t require a physical mannerism. In online poker, the time taken by the opponent is one of the biggest poker tells you can catch. Here are some of the poker tips that you can follow to understand your opponent in Online Poker: 

  • Spamming the Chatbox

One of the most psychological poker tips is when players start swearing and insulting their opponents who beat them. This shows psychological instability. They would rather sit and sulk rather than try and win a game to make things even. If you are a good online player, you would lure them with a big pot to which they are likely to commit to proving a point. 

  • Limp-in Online Poker

If you want to understand a new or a bad player, this is one of the very few good poker tips. A passive approach in poker is going to give away a lot of information about your hand and you as a player. If someone limp-calls when someone already raises a bet, you can isolate the player by making larger raises. This kind of player is rarely going to bother you if he doesn’t have good hands. 

  • Taking Time to Bet

One of the oldest Poker tells is to understand a player by the time he takes to make a bet and, more significantly, a raise. This strategy can go either way, as some people bet with deliberate delay to give you an impression that he is stranded poorly with his hand and will play aggressively if you take this action at face value. The other side of the same coin is that people also often bluff their way out of a tricky situation. 

  • Outlandish betting

In Poker Math, an over-bet is higher in value than the value of the current pot and a bet which is usually the size of the Pot is often not a bluff, but when someone goes out of the way to bet way more than he is required, it is primarily because he has a very strong hand and wants to buy the pot so that you end up calling. Often larger bets are called than a pot-sized bet. 

  • Complaining about opponents’ strategy

One of the usual patterns of behaviour in the chat box is when new Poker players pretend to know everything and keep on complaining about their opponents playing style. They have a preset idea about Poker Math and what a good playing style should entail, and they judge others on that yardstick.

Their knowledge mostly stems from basic knowledge acquired from online sources over a few days. A mediocre player with a bit of experience will be able to take advantage of that. 

Some Other Important Poker Tells 

Besides the classic poker tips, there are miscellaneous tells that you should be on the looks out for. If a person who talks a lot suddenly falls silent, he probably has a hand that holds his interest. The safest thing would be to get out of his way or to play with calculated odds.

Some players often exhibit the Reverse Tell method to engage opponents in their game. They will give out information using a tell that would suggest that he has a weak hand whereas he might have a very good hand. 

Another part of the Poker Math would be to mislead your opponents with your profile avatar. Sometimes it might favour you if they think of you like a fish or a recreational player so that you can be unpredictable in the game. 

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