What are the benefits of opting for Spectrum Triple Play Silver channel list?

We all want to save money on our phone, internet and cable budgets. However, it is impossible if you do not subscribe to the Spectrum Triple Play package. The Spectrum Triple Play package is where all the services can come under one roof, and you get the most out of it. Let’s understand what Spectrum Triple Play is?

Spectrum Triple Play

The Spectrum Triple Play bundle comprises three services which include telephone, internet and finally cable. You can choose any of the Spectrum Triple Play deals:

  • Spectrum Triple Play Select
  • Spectrum Triple Play Silver
  • Spectrum Triple Play Gold

Spectrum Select Triple Play

If you choose this bundle, you will get a ton of perks, including over 125 channels with free HD availability, internet speed that goes all the way up to 200 MBPS. You will also get access to incredible movies as well as TV shows and 28 calling features. Spectrum Triple Play Select price range is $102.97 per month for 12 months. Considering the plethora of benefits you will receive, the price is very reasonable.

After a 12 month period, the Spectrum Triple Play Select price may increase. However, you can cancel the service since there is no contract that binds you to Spectrum Triple play packages or any kind of Spectrum service.

Thus, to summarize:

  • Over 125 channels, along with free HD availability.
  • Internet speed all the way to 200 MBPS
  • Unlimited data availability
  • Free access to the Spectrum all out of home Wi-Fi
  • Availability of free internet modem
  • Unlimited calling is available to Mexico, Canada and the US.

Spectrum Triple Play Silver

If you choose to go for Spectrum Triple Play Silver, the cost for the first 12 months will be $132.97 every month. With this package, you will get to enjoy over 175 channels with free HD availability, access to the out of home nationwide Spectrum Wi-Fi network, unlimited calls availability and finally, internet speed that goes all the way up to 200 MBPS.

To summarize:

  • Over175 channels along with free HD
  • High-speed Internet up to 200 MBPS without any limit on the data
  • Availability of free modem
  • Availability of Spectrum TV app to watch your favourite TV shows when you are on the move.
  • Free access to out of home nationwide Wi-Fi
  • Free Internet modem included in the package
  • 28 different calling features as well as unlimited calling

Spectrum Triple Play Gold

The Spectrum Triple Play Gold price for the first 12 months during the Promo period is $142.97 per month. This price may seem to be a little high for most people, but the rate is justified on the basis of the amenities provided. For example, Spectrum Gold Triple Play package includes premium channels like Nick Jr, HBO max, NFL network, and so many more.

Along with the above-mentioned premium channels, you will also get 200 channels with free HD, internet speed which goes up to 200 MBPS, a plethora of on-demand TV shows and movies, unlimited calling features, and so much more. The price of Spectrum Triple Play Gold after 12 months can increase depending on your taxes and additional costs.

To summarize:

  • Over 200 channels along with 3HD
  • Internet speed that was all the way up to 200 MBPS with unlimited data availability
  • Access to premium channels
  • Availability of on-demand movies and TV shows
  • Unlimited calling throughout the US as well as to Canada and Mexico
  • Availability of free internet modem
  • 28 different calling features.

If you subscribe to any of the Spectrum Triple Play channel services, you may want to know the channel list. For example, in case you are looking for the Spectrum Triple Play Silver channel list because you have subscribed to Spectrum Triple Play Silver, you can enquire about the details by calling Spectrum customer support. They are very friendly and will be happy to help you out.

In today’s world, only having a TV connection is not enough. Along with TV, you must have at least an internet connection so that you can watch your favourite TV shows even when you are on the move.

When you come back home after a long hard day at work, you want to relax and spend some time unwinding from the stress of everyday life. At this point, the show that is on your TV becomes very important. If there is a show on your TV that you do not enjoy or like, it will only increase and add up to your current stress, rather than decreasing it. Therefore, the TV network you choose for your home is very important. If you decide to go with Spectrum TV network, you will get amazing channels and content pertaining to movies, news, kids entertainment, education channels, history et cetera.


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