What Are The Best Floor Tiles Melbourne For Your Home?

Have you heard about the types of Floor tiles Melbourne that are available in the market today? Just give a read to know some amazing beyond your expectations.

Remodelling a home with tiles is the coolest work, and it will enhance the aspect of your home. You can find plenty of Floor tiles Melbourne arrived with maximum designs. But ensure to purchase it from the reputed dealers to get it with high-quality and can find the tiles that meet your expectations. But it should have traits such as, wear, tear-resistant, slip resistance, and more that are safe for your family. By knowing the types of best tiles, you can opt for the right one that suits your floor. Not every type of tile will work for all the places, there are unique options for the living spaces like a bathroom, walls, and floor. You have to choose it based on the place where you decided to install it. Read the below lines to know about the good flooring tiles for your project.

Ceramic Tile

The ceramic tiles are a most common one that you can nearly find in most of the homes as it is applicable for various applications. Its high durability level makes it ideal for any kind of floor in the home such as the bathroom, kitchen, and even entryways. You can easily install, and clean the ceramic tiles, and they will endure in high foot traffic areas. It comes with a plethora of unique styles that are easy to choose the tiles according to your taste. If you are looking for the best tiles at a reasonable cost, then go with the ceramic tiles for your flooring work. It will bring you the benefits like durability, water resistance, a harder surface, no allergy concerns, and more.

Porcelain Floor Tiles Melbourne

The porcelain tiles are made of denser clay, and baked at a very high temperature that is prepared in the same way as bricks. It is much sturdier, and has features like damage resistance, easy to clean, and more. You will get it with a striking finish that will highlight the aspect of your floor. It comes with versatile designs, and style that allows designing in a unique way in the space. This is also ideal for more areas like bathroom, kitchen, entrance, and other high-traffic areas. It has features such as offering a wide range of styles, moisture resistant, simple to clean, and more.

Glass Tiles

The stain resistance of the glass tile makes it a fabulous alternative for natural stones. Red wine or any acidic foods like vinegar, and lemon can wipe up easily without any permanent staining. It provides you with a clean, and minimalistic aspect of the flooring. This is ideal for the places such as living rooms, tabletops, backsplashes, crowded kitchen, and more in your house. It will make you feel your space larger as the light bouncing through the room. This is hygienic, and has a better durability for your floor.

Cement Tiles

The cement tiles have been around since the 19th century, and they are currently used in modern interior design. These tiles are extremely versatile, and provide you with magnificent colors and patterns. It is an apt choice to design your flooring based on your taste, and style that looks striking. The cement tiles are enormously porous that a coating can be developed to enhance the pattern. It is more durable than hardwood, and it outlasts ceramic tiles too.

Marble Floor Tiles Melbourne

Marble tile is a natural stone which is an elegant, and bold choice for your flooring. It is made of under heat and pressure as it is a natural stone. This will add an adorable touch to the place, and sophistication to any of the rooms. When you wish to add an attractive touch to your kitchen or bathroom, install the marble tiles to upgrade the space more than you expected. Though it is quite expensive, it is worth your pay as it is highly durable. It is an excellent insulator, and impressively reflects the light on the living space.

Granite Tiles

The granite is also a natural tome that looks similar to the marble tiles. But it can be overused, and available at an affordable price. You can install it for both flooring, and countertops that will endure for more years. The granite tile is significantly hardening than the marble tiles, and less prone to cracks. You can place it anywhere you want, and it looks striking on the floor.

Mosaic Floor Tiles Melbourne

Mosaic tiles offer you a chance to flex your creative interior design sense as it comes with various shapes, sizes, colors, and even materials. It is a non-porous tile that will resist stains, mildew, and mold. This is easy to wipe down with a damp cloth that reduces your cleaning work. For the scum build-up, vinegar is enough to eliminate it from the tile surface.

End Lines 

Limestone tile, quarry tile, metal tile, and more Floor tiles Melbourne options are available. At Auzzie tiles & bathroomware, you can get high-quality tiles with unique designs, and styles. We also provide you with the best tile installation service that enhances the floor aesthetic of your home.

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