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What is a kidney transplant?

A kidney transplant is a procedure that places a healthy kidney inside your body to perform the same work as your own. If you are looking for a kidney transplant physician in Kolkata you can visit save kidneys.

There are fewer restrictions on what you can consume, but it is important to eat a healthy diet. You should see a significant improvement in your energy and health. A successful kidney transplant could allow you to live the same life that you lived before you had kidney disease. Studies have shown that kidney transplant recipients live longer than dialysis patients.

There are risks associated with surgery. Your new kidney will require you to take anti-rejection medications for as long as it is functioning. This can lead to side effects. There will be a greater chance of developing infections or certain types of cancer.

Most transplants are successful and last many years. However, each person’s ability to live with the results can be different. Many people will require more than one transplant in their lifetime.

Who can have a kidney transplant?

All ages of kidney patients, from children to seniors, can get a transplant.

You must be able to undergo the operation. Also, you must be free of infection and cancer. To ensure that a person is a suitable candidate for transplant, they will undergo a complete medical and psychosocial assessment. This evaluation will help identify any potential problems and make recommendations for corrective actions before the transplant. A transplant is a great option for most people. If you are looking for a kidney transplant physician in Kolkata you can visit save kidneys.

What is the process of evaluation?

A medical professional will perform a thorough physical exam and review your records. They may also order X-rays and tests to assess your overall health. All factors that could affect your ability to handle treatment will be examined. A transplant evaluation is very detailed. To help you and your healthcare team decide if a transplant is right, they will need to learn a lot more about you. You can speed up the process by getting all your testing completed as soon as possible, and staying in touch with the transplant team. Don’t be surprised if you are told that you may not be a candidate for a transplant. Being active in your own health care is a great way to keep healthy.

A screening will be done to determine if the person you are referring to is a match for you and healthy enough to donate.

You should seriously consider obtaining a transplant evaluation for your child if they have kidney disease. Transplantation can help children and young adults develop as normally as possible during their formative years.

The next step in the process is to find a suitable donor kidney.

Do I have to eat a particular diet?

Transplant recipients should consume a heart-healthy diet with low fat and low salt, as well as plenty of fluids. You may have dietary restrictions if you have diabetes or any other health issues. A dietitian will help you choose the right meals for you.

Is there a disadvantage to the living donors?

Living donation has the disadvantage that healthy people must have surgery to remove their healthy kidneys. Before the donor can return to work or other activities, they will require some time for recovery. Modern surgery often called minimally invasive (or laparoscopic surgery), allows for small incisions. This allows for shorter hospital stays, faster recovery times, less pain, and quicker return to normal activities. Many living donors feel positive about their brave gift.

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