What should I do if I encounter these conditions after buying a used car?

Many friends are asking: I bought a second-hand car, but I don’t know what project I will do next? There are also people who worry that the second-hand car will be dirty after buying it. How should I clean it up? In fact, depending on the source and condition of the cars we buy, we have different ways of handling second-hand cars. Generally, the used cars we buy are divided into the following two categories.
1. What should I do if the car paint is dull and dull?

We know that many manufacturers will coat a “transparent film” or “resin layer” on the car paint before leaving the factory. One is to prevent oxidation and discoloration of the car paint, the other is to prevent slight scratching, and the third is to improve the light of the car body. brightness. This function is equivalent to our beauty camera, but it belongs to the real “beauty”.

In our daily cars, this “beauty film” will be affected by the outside world or become thinner over time, or even fall off, completely exposing the paint to the air. This will easily lead to “lesions” in the paint. If you ignore it, it will easily lead to rusting of the body!

Merchant car source :
Some merchant cars will polish the parts with obvious body wear. In this way, the vehicle is presented to consumers in a more beautiful posture. But being beautiful also brings some problems. Polishing will thin the resin layer on the surface of the car paint again. The new car may not be obvious, but for a second-hand car with a thin resin layer after a period of use, it is easy to damage the original car paint if the body is not well polished.
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Personal car sources :
Most of the original owners of personal car sources will not do too much processing and trimming on the paint. Therefore, many car owners who have purchased a personal car source are more worried in this regard. It is recommended to ask the original car owner whether the paint has been treated with “coating” or body film”, so that it is easy to judge what to do with the paint after starting.

Brief treatment method :
In fact, the maintenance method of newly purchased second-hand car paint is very simple. Depending on the degree of paint abrasion, the items that need to be done are also different. Generally, second-hand cars that have been used for 3-5 years only need to lightly polish the original paint, and then seal and coat the paint.
The above process only applies to minor scratches. If the scratches are deep and the original paint has been damaged, then partial or overall painting of the body is a more effective treatment.

Maximum torque of rear motor

With the development of electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles. More and more vehicles may be equipped with more than one electric motor. It may appear that the power output by one electric motor is only transmitted to the front wheels, and the other When the power output by the electric motor is only transmitted to the rear wheels.

  The “maximum power of the rear motor. We refer to here refers to the maximum power of the motor that only outputs the power to the rear wheels. If the model has only one electric motor that only outputs power to the front wheels. Then the “maximum power of the rear motor” of the model is 0. 



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