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What to Ask an Influencer Marketing Agency New York Before Finalizing Them

Influencer marketing is one of the strongest digital marketing mechanisms for modern businesses in New York. When trying to connect your business with an influencer, though, there is a choice to be made. Do you use in-house resources or recruit the expertise of an influencer marketing agency in New York? There are many factors that inform the answer, from the size of the business to the purpose and target audience of the intended campaign. Each step of the influencer marketing process requires experienced and skilled personnel to be executed successfully.

An agency is a potent choice as people trained and skilled to do their job pay attention to their job objectives which they do day in and day out. The expertise of an influencer marketing agency coupled with a well-connected network of influencers puts the business at ease and brings in the desired results.

Another major decision to make when utilizing influencer marketing in New York. With the help of an agency is deciding exactly which influencer marketing agency will best suit your business. There are countless agencies to choose from and all have experience in one form or another with one brand or another. Choosing an agency with wide-ranging access to diverse resources, influencers, and markets is the best choice to make. As an epicentre for cultures and industries, an influencer marketing agency in New York has the strongest potential to match well with any business in any industry.

We will discuss what needs to be considered while choosing an agency. And what questions to ask them in the process of selection. Before signing a contract these questions need to be answered for the selection to be appropriate.

So, what are these questions? Let’s discuss 7 of them.

Ask about their experience in the past while running campaigns for businesses from the same industry?

Case studies play a crucial role in understanding the capabilities and setting appropriate expectations from an agency with your campaign. The agency would have organized and managed successful campaigns for other brands from the same industry.

However, even if they have not been a part of campaigns from the same industry they could still be the most efficient agency for your campaign. For which you will need to know the details about their plans before getting into the agreement and contract. You must ask for a proposal and detailed plan of action which will explain in detail how they will manage the campaign if they are selected.

Inquire about the process they will use to create and manage the network of your influencers?

Creating and maintaining relationships with your influencers is very important for the success of your campaign. The promotion that an influencer offers for a brand is mediated entirely through their own reputation and self-image. It is of paramount importance to protect their reputation and create a positive experience for them.

An influencer sourcing strategy that utilizes a hand-selection process. That has been proven to be more successful than letting the brand or agency bid and select them randomly. This also maintains confidence in the influencer’s performance.

An effective influencer marketing agency will provide fair compensation, communicate openly with them, and thank and motivate them as and when the requirement arises.

Understand your involvement in the underlying processes?

This varies from business to business and while some like to be involved in every step. Others may be more inclined to let them lead and decide on every aspect. Neither of these is an incorrect approach. But whichever it is, transparency is required for the campaign to run smoothly and effectively.

As a business, you will need to detail the high-level goals. You will need to correctly identify your target customers, and also have the information handy in how your campaigns have been organized in the past if they have been. Your plan and strategy need to be created with all this information at your disposal.

Assess their pricing structure?

Normally influencer marketing agencies have campaign-based pricing. Which covers the costs of the campaign including the running costs, labour charges, compensation for the influencers, and also the expenses of digital promotions.

The price could be higher or lower depending on the magnitude of the planned campaign like the number of influencers, their reach, and engagement among others.

It is best to start with the pricing of the base package and adding premium services in line with your requirements.

Question their handling of disclosure laws regulated by the FTC?

All businesses must gain knowledge of the latest FTC laws before embarking on a campaign. The FTC currently states that the involved influencers can create a disclosure statement for their own, clarifying the influencer and the brand’s relationship.

This started with FTC introducing influencer’s regulations where a post about a business must feature the hashtag #spon or #ad. Clearly understand how the agency will comply with FTC’s regulations before the contract signing.

Understand how they will measure the campaign’s results?

The measurement and assessment of a campaign are very important. The results will reveal the ROI and help you run subsequent campaigns. Some time ago reach on social media was considered above engagement whilst today it is the other way round.

Ask the agency and understand the measurement of the engagement, reach, and other goal-oriented metrics.

Why are they unique?

Find out why the agency is different from the others and how they will empower your brand. Understand their unique deliverables so you can innovate whatever matters.

An influencer marketing agency in New York should be able to answer all the above questions and others as well to satisfy all your queries thus, letting you decide on hiring their services.

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