Why It Is Important To Keep Your Gums Healthy 

Kids are taught to brush their teeth properly, and that white teeth are healthy. However, parents often tend to overlook the importance of healthy gums. Not only are gums impactful for your teeth, but for your overall physical health as well. In simple words, healthy gums are not only required for a beautiful smile but a disease-free body as well. 

There are countless reasons why keeping your gums healthy is essential for your health. It is crucial to learn and understand them to prevent severe health conditions. If you have developed gum disease, dentists in Littleton, CO can help. 

What purpose do gums serve?

Your gums are not there only for decoration. Your gums play an essential role in protecting your teeth and preventing bacteria from causing oral diseases. Your gum tissues form a tight seal around your teeth, which helps them stay in place. They also act as a barrier between bacteria and the teeth, preventing diseases from developing. 

Thus, without the proper care of the gums, bacteria can find their way to your teeth. This can potentially result in gum disease. Dentists in CO recommend cleaning gums everyday. 

Periodontal diseases

One of the biggest reasons you should take good care of your gums is periodontal disease. Many people experience this condition at least once in their lifetime. The early stage of the disease is known as gingivitis, which causes tender, swollen, and red gums. It is caused when you do not clean food particles from your mouth and bacteria develop in your mouth. 

Gingivitis is easily curable, and sometimes you can treat it without medications. This is the reason why people do not take the condition seriously. While the disease may not be that serious, it is crucial to correct the underlying cause. 

Brushing your teeth with the proper techniques, regular flossing, and visiting the dentist for a routine dental exam can keep the gingivitis at bay. If you do not maintain your gum health, gingivitis can worsen and develop into a more advanced stage of periodontal disease, known as periodontitis. It can impact your teeth and jaw and even make you sick when left untreated. 

Limit your sugar intake 

Sugar makes your teeth more vulnerable to damage. Sugar is not only found in things like chocolates, cookies, cakes, etc. They are also found in soft drinks and various grocery items. Bacteria love sugar and thrive in sweet and sticky environments. Therefore, it is vital to limit your sugar intake. On days when you eat sugar, make sure you clean your teeth thoroughly. 

Moreover, excessive sugar intake can put you at risk of several diseases. These include diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. Some research says that sugar can even increase your chances of acquiring cancer.

If you are interested in learning more about gum health and how to prevent gum diseases, you can speak with your dentist.  

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