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If you have a YouTube channel you know how important it is to post a video and reach the trending area on the tube. People are looking for videos based on so-called hot topics, but they can also rely on the finished videos that are trending.

Whatever the topic your channel covers, you will always have topics that users search more than others, if these videos end up in YouTube trends, you will get extra visibility that could make you acquire many more subscribers.

While in traditional Google channels, trends are not so crucial to receiving visits from users, on YouTube if you are in trend you acquire much more traffic and there is a very good chance to keep it even for the subsequent video content, which you will publish.

Is there a secret to ending up in trend? Which tool could help you and which are the best tips to reach YouTuber’s paradise? Let’s see step by step how you can end up trending on YouTube.

The first step in building user loyalty is to get in trend

Many budding YouTubers think that to be successful you need to produce wacky videos based on fun content, this is a classic mistake.

If you think about how television programs work, you will have to realize that the ones that are the most popular are only a few proposed by the most famous channels. This means that they already enjoy the viewer’s trust. To emerge, a new channel must make itself known, and on YouTube, it means finding the most important topics at a precise moment.

Each YouTube channel is aimed at its own specific audience, the elective target, to get in touch with your audience you will need to have a general idea of ​​the topic to be treated continuously. Your editorial line is also very important for search engines that will tend to recognize you as an authority and therefore to be higher in the searches made by users.

Try to think based on the YouTube statistics of your channel, to understand how your potential target reacts, what they need, how long they are willing to watch your video, when and on what devices, where they are from, and so on.

Produce content on a topic you know well as a YouTube channel is made up of constant updates.

Now that you have outlined the basic strategy, it will be necessary to know what the most relevant topics are and to find an innovative and interesting interpretation.

Know the trends of Google

Are the preambles over and do you need to take action? Well connect to Google Trends and let’s take a look at how the most important tool works to understand what users are looking for.

The key to getting a lot of views is post-timing. With Google Trends you can have an immediate glance at the performance of a given query, seasonal phenomena or explosions of interest can be captured in time.

It is also interesting to compare different topics to evaluate their extent. A topic that is related to your editorial line needs to be developed from a different angle than the generic one.

The information niche you have entered needs unique content, only in this way will your audience trust you and subscribe to your channel.

Another way to get in trend on YouTube is to keep an eye on the major competing channels. The audience they have been able to attract receives a series of information that you can analyze to find what they do not contemplate.

What are the recommended contents?

Almost all YouTube users don’t just see a video, this happens for several reasons:

  • To find the exact answer to a query, it is sometimes necessary to scroll through several videos that deal with the same topic;
  • The default videos follow one after the other according to the type of topic selected;
  • It takes the average user 5 seconds to figure out if that video will continue to see it or not.

Several consequences are drawn from this. The trending YouTube topic needs to go beyond genericity. The first words of the video title repeat the trending topic, while the following ones specialize it.

Editing different videos on the same topic is a good way to retain the user who will always look for more information useful to his needs. The playlist offers a greater ability to climb the charts of the results since it will have a greater presence and possibility of being clicked.

For Google, the signal that your channel has acquired importance derives from the bounce rate, so the longer the average residence time ( watch time ), the higher the average ranking of your content.

The uploaded content has more visibility in the first 48 hours as this is the time it takes Google to define the real position. For this reason, the title, description, and metadata need to be optimized. In addition to this, keep in mind that even the name of the file is important to understand what your video is about.

Buy YouTube comments and buy YouTube likes and your videos will have the right visibility on youtube, they can become “viral” and appear in a few days among the most popular youtube videos.

Compared to written content these elements are fundamental since there are no others. Trends give you the opportunity to start first, or to explore the topic first.

Factors affecting trending entry on YouTube

So far we have said that finding YouTube trending topics is the first step to take. The second is to form playlists to increase the chances of viewing. The third is to optimally curate the narration of the video since you only end up in the YouTube trend if the video has a good dwell time.

This last element has become essential. Another element to take into consideration to end up in trend is the relationship between views and the number of subscribers since a number of views higher than its subscriber’s signals that the video is appreciated beyond the channel’s own community.

Finally, we must take into consideration that in addition to launching a Google ads Veedoo campaign, it is always important to define the number of social interactions, Likes, dislikes, shares, and comments. These signs indicate the interest and trust placed in the content proposed by the artist.

Finally, there is still an element which, however, it is not sure that determines the entry in the trends of views and that is the uploading of videos in HD formats. Although there is no statement made to that effect, just look at the list of trends to see that they are all video content offered in high definition.

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