4 Benefits of Adding Order Management Software to Your eCommerce Store

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Technology is evolving, so is the online competition. Every online business is in a race of staying up to its competitive edge. E-Commerce is the most famous online industry. It has faced more than a lot of emergence and prominence, especially for the past two years.

Two areas where growth hit operations hardest are the most crucial drivers of your profitability and customer satisfaction. 

  • Inventory management 
  • Order fulfillment 

Growth is hard work!

It can be complex to figure out which of your business processes needs optimization for your business’s scalability and growth. It can also be hard to find that when your business is facing growing pains. Businesses need a robust order management system to accelerate their growth, sustainability, and profitability.

Let us have a quick review of the symptoms that indicates it’s time to acquire order fulfillment software before diving into the benefits of order management software.

  • Higher returns and slower time to market.
  • More capital or stock-outs tied up in overstock 
  • Your business is not able to offer a true omnichannel experience 
  • Late shipments are increasing as new sales channels are adding up. 
  • Your business is providing slow customer services with fewer delighted customers 

The order tracking software (OMS) helps to synchronize data from your commerce systems. It enables automated business decisions with real-time data. All the necessary information is centralized within a single platform. You can process higher order volume across several sales channels and fulfillment options. Following are the advantages of an order tracking system that enables scalable growth for your business.  

  • Faster Issue Resolution and Better Customer Support 

Your CSR might log into multiple systems to solve a simple query without the acquisition of an appropriate order tracking software. For example, logging into POS to find a purchase record, logging into the warehouse management system to ensure that the item is in stock, logging into the email program to keep track of when the new stock might be arriving and to what location. You can keep track of everything through a single platform called OMS. a modern OMS provides all the information about your business in one place. 

  • Swift Onboarding for New Products and Vendors While Minimizing Errors

Entering data in different formats several times is time-consuming and it increases the error rate. Errors can disrupt and destroy your business reputation in a matter of seconds. OMS manages product information, employee information, customer information, and all other crucial data effectively, accurately, and efficiently. 

  • Reducing Costs and Fastest Shipments Through Intelligent Order Routing 

Order fulfillment software selects the order fulfillment center which is situated closest to the customer. It helps in delivering orders faster and reducing shipment costs.  Shipping cost is reduced by approximately 10% to 20% by utilizing this strategy. This strategy reduces a day or two from the delivery time. OMS route orders play a pivotal role in optimizing the inventory of the warehouse. It reduces the overall cost of the inventory. 

  • Better Cash Flow via Higher Inventory Turns

OMS helps you to keep track of inventory turns. It also helps to keep track of profitability by vendors, SKU, and category. OMS allows retailers to dig deep into this view by channel or store. You can also make smarter purchase decisions for example order items mid sean that you know will set off before the next purchasing cycle. 


Businesses can leverage tremendous benefits with the acquisition of order management software. A modern order management system like MWI Solutions provides all the information of the business in one place. It empowers corporate social responsibility (CSR) to resolve complexities without unwanted switches and delays. MWI Solutions ensures that issues are resolved faster. It also ensures that corporate social responsibilities (CSRs), customers, and your chief financial officer (CFO) are happy. 

Head over to the official website of MWI Solutions to learn more about McCombs, InterSort, and other extensive services. Get in touch and request a demo today!

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