8 Awesome Places to Find Inspiration for Your PowerPoint Presentations

Thinking of cool plan thoughts for your next significant PowerPoint show doesn't simply happen naturally in your psyche. In any event, for us Panda's it's not generally simple to concoct imagination on request.

Thinking of cool plan thoughts for your next significant PowerPoint show doesn’t simply happen naturally in your psyche.

In any event, for us Panda’s it’s not generally simple to concoct imagination on request.

Rather than getting baffled and upset you want to find show plan motivation from other plan sources to assist with filling your inventiveness.

Previously, we’ve discussed how to think of an amazing topic for your show utilizing a mind-set board for showing your different rousing thoughts.

To assist with taking your slides to a higher level, we have aggregated a rundown of a few the best places to track down plan motivation for your next PowerPoint show.

8 Awesome Places to Find Inspiration for Your PowerPoint Presentations

How about we start!


#1) Note and Point – Hand Selected Pow

Note and Point is essentially probably the best site I’ve at any point seen devoted to all around planned visual introductions.

While I am a major SlideShare fan (inclining further toward that in a little), Note and Point improves at separating the passing by-PowerPoint (i.e., the ones that suck) to just component rich, wonderful looking PowerPoint and Keynote decks.

Not exclusively is Note and Point loaded with amazing prsentation plan models, the greater part of their introductions are really configuration related, so you get to become familiar with some extraordinary stuff about plan en route!
Here are a few incredible instances of introductions highlighted on Note and Point. The introductions are a couple of years old yet they are still gorgeous decks.

#2) Dribble – Where The Best Designers Showcase Their Talents

Dribbble is an amazing website that exhibits the absolute best computerized plan on the web.

It’s home to a top pick gathering of planners, going from pioneers in the present plan world to inside and out astounding anticipated originators.

Website specialists, visual originators, artists, symbol craftsmen, typographers, logo creators, and other innovative sorts share little screen captures (shots) that show their work, interaction, and current ventures.

While the local area is welcome just, anybody is allowed to spectate and absorb the plan motivation.

Utilizing the pursuit bar you can look for PowerPoint motivation on anything you heart wants. For instance, envision you’re assembling a show and need to utilize a Game of Thrones topic. Essentially type in “Round of Thrones” into the hunt bar and in a split second you will be given lots of marvelous plans around that theme (as found in the picture underneath).

Cool right?

We peruse Dribble constantly while thinking of PowerPoint thoughts for clients.

Look at it. You will not be disheartened.

#3) SlideShare – Get Inspired by the Social Media of PowerPoint Presentations

Incredible SlideShare introductions move and engage. As a matter of fact our group of Pandas like SlideShare such a lot of that we have transferred north of 15 introductions throughout the several years which has given us near a million perspectives. If your intrigued to find out about our SlideShare achievement click here.

SlideShare is an incredible spot for finding moving PowerPoint plan.

With regards to SlideShare not all SlideShare’s are of extraordinary quality. Furthermore, obviously you would rather not be taking in motivation from awful PowerPoints.

Along these lines, you should turn on a channels to remove the great ones from the awful.

The most ideal way to do this is to:

1) Go to a show subject like plan “Plan”

2) Filter the list items by “Well known”

3) Select More Filters

4) Change the time-frame to a more prominent length, for example, “Most recent 365 days” or “All Time”
Who knows, you might see even get a few thoughts from the different PowerPoint decks that we have made when you channel your hunt 😀

8 Awesome Places to Find Inspiration for Your PowerPoint Presentations

#4) Canva – Browse Clean Looking Presentation Layouts for Instant Inspiration

Canva is one more extraordinary objective for tracking down exceptional thoughts for PowerPoint.

On the off chance that you’re curious about Canva, the site is basically a plan administration that removes the contact from planning. The site has arrived at an incredible 2M clients in the initial two years of sending off and has been developing quickly from that point onward.

To investigate some show motivation from Canva you should simply pick one of 11 accessible formats (counting show layouts) or begin from an exclusively measured fresh start. You then, at that point, utilize the Layouts and Background tabs to find out about what you need to plan. These tabs are packed with choices to look over, whether you need a total format or simply a decent foundation to expand on.

Canva additionally has a devote page for show formats that you can peruse to get design thoughts for your slides.

#5) Graphic River – These Beautifully Designed Presentation Templates Will Feed Your Creative Mind

We discuss Graphic River all the time here at Presentation Panda.

We clearly respect them considering we sell our honor winning show format (The Influencer) around there.

However, other than that, Graphic River is a magnificent objective for tracking down PowerPoint motivation.

Like SlideShare, some show decks highlighte on the site are superior to other people.

To save you some time, here is a rundown of 10 expert PowerPoint layout decks that you ought to look at.

Also, for additional credit you might need to look at the absolute best PowerPoint layouts of 2018.

Regardless of whether don’t buy any of the layouts,

perusing these expertly plann decks ought to fill your head with a lot of show thoughts for your next enormous task.

#6) Pinterest – Scan Presentation Related Boards For Awesome Presentation Ideas

Pinterest is somewhere else for finding magnificent ppt thoughts for your next significant undertaking.

Did you had any idea that Pinterest would one say one is of the greatest and quickest developing image-base web-base entertainment stages and is an extraordinary hotspot for finding motivation on the web?

Load with staggering pictures, designs, layouts and more Pinterest is simple as-pie to explore and look.

On the off chance that you’re new to Pinterest and follow no plan relate sheets, the most effective way to find cool rousing thoughts is to utilize the fundamental hunt bar.

Inside the hunt bar, a couple of things you might need to consider looking for incorporate “show plan,”

“show layouts,” and “PowerPoint show.

Furthermore, remember to set up your own Pinterest record to store and allude back to the show plan models you like the most.

#7) Creative Market – Another Great Source for Graphic Relate Items

Like Graphic River, Creative Market is a spot for purchasing realistic relate things from the present driving originators. They have show formats that you can peruse for motivation and furthermore buy if you have any desire to save some time.

To find PowerPoint motivation on Creative Market click on the “Formats” class and afterward select “Show” inside the drop down menu.

They have bunches of show formats to get motivate from. Some are superior to other people so you might need to channel the layouts by “generally well known” or investigate the determination of “hand pick” formats from the Creative Market audit group.

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As I would see it, I think the nature of show layouts over at Graphic River is superior to Creative Market. Furthermore, obviously, the more the layouts, the more motivation you will get from them.

I would be intrigu to hear others’ opinion on this in the remarks.

#8) Design Seeds – The Perfect Site for Finding PowerPoint Color Inspiration

With regards to finding tones for your slides Design Seeds is first class.

Configuration Seeds is a marvelous site for tracking down rousing tones to use in your show.

Configuration Seeds furnishes you with motivation to fabricate consistent variety mix ranges in light of high goal photographs.

What’s really cool about their inventory is that every one of the varieties that is

highlight unmistakably in some random picture can be look for in Design Seeds’ data set,

so if for instance a hearty shade of orange grabs your attention in an image of harvest time leaves,

you can look for other photographs that have that identical shade.

You can likewise scan the site for a precise variety esteem

utilizing their basic variety slider or search by subjects like winter, natural or succulents.

Tips for Better Presentation Inspiration Hunting

1) As you become better at finding PowerPoint plan motivation, perhaps everything thing you can manage is to begin gathering things you’ve perus, seen or paid attention to that you view as fascinating or moving. You can do this by bookmarking sites to allude back to; sticking pictures to a Pinterest board; and following creators on SlideShare and Dribble. Making an assortment of pictures and plans will give you a reference hotspot for future tasks. Apparatuses like Evernote and Google Drive can likewise

be an effective method for catching things you view as on the web.

2) Finding wonderful motivation for your PowerPoint decks can time consume. Leaving your PC once in a while and getting some natural air can would ponders for re-energizing the care and energy levels. Assuming that you’re feeling stuck or deaden,

require 5 minutes or 30 minutes to

head outside and you’ll be astonish with what your brain can think of in

view of the underlying motivations you have gone over.

3) Remember, with regards to finding thoughts one piece of plan motivation prompts one more and again. Keeping some sort of disposition board (see model underneath) will assist you with contemplating new things to look for inside the different sites referenc previously.


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