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Effective Tips To Curate The Most Outstanding Virtual Food Show

Despite the outbreak of novel coronavirus, people are coming up with innovative ideas to keep the show running. With that been said, many organisations and planners came across the term ‘virtual events’. Virtual events in layman’s language is an in-person event conducted in a digital space.

There are multiple types of events you can host at a virtual event platform, such as conferences, trade shows & expos, summits, webinars, AGMs, food shows, and so forth.

In this particular blog, we will be focusing upon virtual food shows, and what are the effective ways to create qualitative marketing content for your next food show. Let’s get started!

Lead A Phenomenal Marketing Content For Your Next Virtual Food Show

Before you begin with strategizing your marketing content, you must create a plan that will help you deliver a successful virtual food show. Consider eye-catching factors that will entice your virtual attendees to register at your food show, excite them and keep them involved while the event takes place. Think out of the box so that when your event is concluded, your participants do not forget the essence of your food show life long.

Beyond this, a virtual food show offers great experience and unique opportunities to the global attendees. Pro tip here is – Your target audience must be food lovers! These kinds of people love to see content regarding exotic food and drinks! According to Condiment Marketing, food and beverage brands accounted for 32% of all brands listed on Twitter. That is just one of the channels you can use to connect before, during, and post the event.


Hosting a massive food show isn’t just about inviting attendees and sponsors at your event, it is also about understanding what they need. So, for this you must put in some effort and encompass creative ideas that showcase all your event agenda, content and brandings to get hold of your audience’s attention. For instance, you can make an eye-catching miniature mood board. Add all the important details in your board to provide your attendees a thorough understanding of your style and intentions of the food show. This will help them to get on board (no pun intended!) with your ideas much quicker and easier than verbal communications could do alone.

Once everything is planned, think about what message you want to deliver on each channel. Consider these following questions- What brief should you offer before the event begins, What all insights you want to incorporate during the event and What to do after the event. To get you started, include a lot of promotional content before the event takes place. Add on a fascinating event landing page and a special sneak peeks to those who have already registered.

During Event

Utilise the social media posts that the guests are sharing during the virtual gathering. Create a distinct hashtag. You can incorporate a social wall to invite attendees to post their unique content. Besides that, have automatic emails ready for enrollees who haven’t checked in to the program by a certain deadline. Choose a service provider who can seamlessly provide you with an embedded email builder tool in your virtual event backend. This tool will help you create and manage hundreds of fully customisable templates effectively and give you designs with endless potential.

Post- Event

After the conclusion of your virtual food show, conducting a follow-up is a must! With the help of this valuable feedback, you can efficiently acknowledge how well your event performed! Send out a ‘thank you’ email to your registrant participants and ask them about their event experience. Offer a complete follow-up survey covering all the event takeaways and key documents for future references. You can send automatic emails to attendees who were unable to attend your event by providing them with all the useful recordings of the webinars, infographics of the content you presented. You can also invite them to get in touch with your team to generate more information as per their convenience.

Apart from that, you can reclaim your content to generate new material for your newsletters, social media, and website. Highlight the food show reels on your social media channels, create infographics and downloadable PDFs of your event Q&As, webinars, and event statistics.

Offer Unique Content To Your Virtual Food Show’s Exhibit Booth

Diversify your approach towards the virtual exhibit booths replicating your exotic food show content. Have a dynamic 360-degree feature that showcases your product from all sides. You can also offer your attendees a downloadable product spec sheet for a better understanding of your whereabouts. Facilitate viewers with a high quality video dedicating the look and feel of your production expertise. To enhance your attendees experience, include exciting designs, exquisite content and products that you used while promoting your event. Pro tip : Do not modify your designs sporadically as this may confuse your audience. Make sure your designs are easy to recognise in the exhibition hall. You can also create eye-catching imagery for people who are not so familiar with your brand.

Perform Product Demos With Target Prospects

Product demos are an effective promotional tool that can be used inside the online event. Based on the degree of involvement in the event, there are two approaches you can take. You can hold a webinar presentation highlighting the best services and products if you have the chance. Typically, this is intended for the event’s organiser or moderate sponsors. If you’re a sponsor, check to see whether it’s an opportunity, or reach out to the hosting company to see if you can add a webinar space to your sponsorship.

As an exhibitor, you can also browse participant details and schedule meetings. If you have a target identity that you want to interact with at the event, this can be a real treat. You can check for them based on any area they fill out on their registration page.You will be able to search by sector, job description, or position, for example. After you’ve identified the contact you would like to connect with, give them an invitation to a meeting to let them know you’d like to address how your services can benefit them!

Over To You

After the world encountered an unwelcoming health crisis, virtual events found its place in the event industry. Today, people from all around the globe are relying upon virtual event platforms to conduct their shows and meetings while keeping the safety protocols in mind. Virtual food shows are no different. They have been a valuable resource for food business lately and according to sources it will continue delivering its services until we pace back to our previous lifestyle. Hope these tips will help you curate successful virtual food shows in the future.

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