Embrace The New-Normal With AdvancedMD Virtual Healthcare Consults

What is the driving force behind adopting AdvancedMD telemedicine functionalities? A detail analysis is conduct to identify which sector of healthcare suffers the most during the Covid-19 pandemic and prolong lock-downs. The prevailing opinion is sums up as follows. Specialities that provide ongoing patient care suffered the major onslaught. And what is the reason behind it? Patients were not able to commute to the provider’s practice for regular visits with ongoing travel bans and stay at home orders. This alone has caused a multitude of chaos for the providers in treatment aspect as well as in the revenue front. 

How it affected the patients?

For the patients, delaying the visits caused relapse and aggravated symptoms of disease conditions. Providers had to face many challenges in bringing the symptoms under control. Patients who were dependent on the provider’s practice for refills of their medication were not able to collect it. Also, routine bloodwork’s got cancelled. 

How it affected the providers?

When elective procedures were cancelled due to the pandemic, many small practices went out of business. Providers had a hard time making the ends meet with minimal revenue inflow and ongoing practice expenses. when millions of people lost their jobs due to pandemic, they lost their insurance privileges along with it. With poor income inflow, majority of them found it hard to pay the premiums as well. Many practices lost their clientele solely due to this.

Boom of virtual care during the pandemic

to keep their practice alive during the pandemic, most providers sought after the cloud-based healthcare platforms and patient portals from AdvancedMD. Providers were able to access the patient’s electronic health records remotely and make consultations over virtual platforms. This way, providers could meet the needs of the patients without a break. Now, this was receive with great satisfaction by the providers and patients equally. 

Telemedicine software functionality from AdvancedMD

AdvancedMD telemedicine software is designed to bring the providers closer to their patients in a remote cloud platform for the best interests of both in mind. The most important thing is that, it can be easily integrate to the existing AdvancedMD EHR so that one doesn’t require to install more software’s. Let us review the smart features of this functionality;

  • Face to face conferencing experience – The virtual experience is design to render a feel of personal attention and quality care to the patient. And this is closely equivalent to an office visit.
  • HIPPA compliant data transfer – Details of video conferencing such as images and screen shots are transfers and integrate to the patient’s EHR adhering to HIPPA protocol and secured channels. The visuals are ensure of high quality and resolution for future references.
  • Scheduling tools- Just like the font office software appointment scheduler functionality from AdvancedMD, the telemedicine consultations can be scheduled in the respective dashboard with a single click. The provider can readily view and access their daily schedule of patient virtual appointments on this platform. Starting and ending the virtual sessions are also set up in a user-friendly manner.

Patient portal software

The patient engagement platform from AdvancedMD has profoundly helped the providers with patient retention during the pandemic. It has a number of tools that keeps the patient connected to the provider between consultations and office visits. And proved to be a comforting feature for the patients to stay connected to their healthcare provide at all times. Not to mention the increase in positive reviews and referrals resulted from satisfied clientele. Following are the features of the patient portal;

  • Self-help appointment scheduler – The portal gives patients the convenience of choosing the most suitable time for their virtual consult. The slots and providers available are always update in the website for easy viewing. Once the appointment is confirms they will receive reminders as the time approaches. 
  • Medication refills – With the electronic prescription facility, patients can request for a refill on the portal itself. Provider can review the request and approve the refill with digital authorization. This facility is HIPPA complaint and saves the patient from having to make a visit to the provider’s practice for the purpose of obtaining a refill.
  • Online patient support- Round the clock patient support is provided to the patients to resolve their queries and concerns. The support platform connects to providers or administrative staff at the practice for any concerns with payment coverage or treatment.
  • Online payment options – Collecting patient balance after reimbursement is easier now with the online payment options available. Patients can conveniently make the payment from their device without having to come to the clinic. The online invoice is details and elaborate with coverage information and payment break down list out.

In the recent past of Covid-19 pandemic, the whole world was seeking ways to improve connectivity via virtual means. AdvancedMD has managed to revolutionize virtual healthcare consultations to a new level. Make a switch to the new normal with cutting end technology and cloud-based utilities to resurrect your practice.


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