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How Blockchain Technology Will Affect flutter app development?

flutter app development

The high-security level is one of the main reasons for adopting blockchain applications in the market. It has emerged as the most secure and democratically accessible database technology powering digital solutions of all types. From digital currencies to enterprise database systems to mobile apps to eWallets. When data breaches are increasing in the app universe, Blockchain is easily considered the saviour for many reasons. For developing blockchain applications companies are going to hire flutter developer. 

On the other hand, Flutter has emerged as the most popular and widely loved cross-platform. Framework for mobile app developers worldwide. Its modularity, reusability of code, ease of use and robust feature. Has made Flutter unique and stood apart from other technologies. No wonder many Blockchain-based app projects now prefer to hire flutter developer for their projects. Daily, more and more companies are moving towards these technological updates such as Flutter to build easy and robust projects. The future of mobile app development is intertwined with these technologies. One is just a framework, and the other is a robust and sophisticated database system.

In this blog post. We will explain these technologies, their key value propositions, and how Blockchain will impact  Flutter app development.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain refers to a decentralized database accessible by anyone. The database technology follows a “write-only” protocol and doesn’t allow removing or changing any data. Just because the data is stored in a series of interconnected blocks in a decentralised manner.  Accessing data requires following strict protocol controlled by cryptographic permissions.

Some of the key value propositions that made Blockchain popular include the following.

  • Decentralised & democratic:

Blockchain data stored in a series of interconnected blocks prevents no central or unifying authority, and accessibility depends on mutual agreement. This, besides guaranteeing the highest data security, makes the data easily accessible based on mutual agreement.

  • Completely Tamper-Proof:

The blockchain database doesn’t allow removing, overwriting, destroying or tampering with any piece of data. Any effort to rewrite the existing data is registered as a separate piece. Of supplementary data showcasing the entire data history. Thus it does not just prevent tampering or data breaches; it also ensures complete data transparency.

  • Unanimous:

Safeguarding identity and personal data from possible breaches remain a crucial concern for any digital operation, including mobile transactions. This is where the unanimous nature of the Blockchain data secured with cryptographic code plays a vital role. Blockchain transactions and contracts transparently bring mutual agreement without risking exposing personal identity and data.

What is Flutter?

From web to native mobile app development to cross-platform app development. We have traversed a long and winding journey over the years. Not long ago, Objective C and Swift were the key languages for iOS apps. And Java was the principal language for Android development. Soon, Google launched Kotlin as a string and better alternative to Java. In the last few years, the industry has been going crazy over flutter, considering its simpler working techniques in iOS and Android. On the other hand, cross-platform development framework like React Native and Xamarin allows developers to reuse maximum code across iOS and Android without undermining the native user experience.

Then came the Flutter, the leading cross-platform UI SDK from Google with the same promises as Google and a few more advantages. Flutter is the most modular, widget-based UI development framework that uses Dart programming language for coding. Apart from allowing to reuse up to 80% of the core codebase, Flutter allows using the same code for iOS, Android, desktop and web as well.

The fact is that flutter can come out as the greatest way for the perfect development cycle. It provides the opportunity for individual developers, testers, and service providers to work in a synchronised way and avoid every kind of error in it. No complicated mode will be required for the support system in the future for mobile application development. Therefore, most of the companies are using flutter for their system.  

Some key value propositions that made Flutter so popular for cross-platform development include the following.

  • For the first time, Flutter offered a cross-platform development framework that allows reusing the same code for building engaging apps for web and desktop platforms besides the mobile operating systems.
  • Its cross-platform feature makes it easy for the developers while saving a lot of time. Furthermore, it saves a lot of costs as there’s no need to work on different codes for both platforms. 
  • Flutter is a highly modular framework with a rich repository of platform-specific UI widgets based on both Google Material Design for Android and Cupertino for iOS.
  • Because of relying on UI widgets, Flutter doesn’t need to depend upon a third-party JavaScript bridge to connect the native UI layer. It creates the native UI elements within its own IDE, ensuring optimum performance.
  • Flutter provides various rich and versatile animation libraries for app development projects. These provide improved user experience and user interface for cross-platform applications.
  • hire flutter developer has been proved to be a lot easier for the developers, eliminating the overall risks during the development phase. Furthermore, it enables the developers to understand the process much better. 
  • The Hot Reload feature of Flutter ensures faster development and smooth testing as developers do not need to reload the app with every small change. Instead, this feature will allow them to see the changes in real-time through a running app.

Bringing the benefits of Blockchain and Hire Flutter Developer together

Since Blockchain and Flutter, two distant facets of technologies, will flourish and grow in popularity in the coming years, many developers and app projects are already trying to build them together to deliver an awesome mobile app user experience. One of the benefits of Blockchain is its growing popularity,  Various industries such as games, finance, healthcare, wallets, real estate, IoT startups, music, e-mobility, and more have incorporated blockchain.  

Blockchain apps developed by using Flutter can bring both app security, and user experience attributes to an ultimate level ensuring seamless user engagement and business conversion. As Thomas Biden of imperoit pointed out, “Blockchain is the future, and Flutter is for the present and the near future. So, both are bound to go together in the context of mobile apps, at least for a few years from now.”

Flutter is already a popular framework for developing startup apps. Blockchain as a technology is gaining ground for numerous app projects, particularly for facilitating transactions, business communication and data-driven collaboration. Both are going to shape many new success stories through innovative app projects.

To Sum It Up

The impact of Blockchain on every digital frontline, including mobile apps, is already evident. How can a widely popular app development technology like Flutter remain left out of the ever-evolving and growing impact of Blockchain? Yes, it is quite natural for many Flutter-based apps to use Blockchain-powered features.


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