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More carpet cleaning tips – fewer health problems

There’s no doubt that carpeting keeps out dust and various allergens such as dust mites, mold, and mildew. For this reason, carpeting is not very popular with families with children. As parents fear that their children will inhale particles of dirty air and provoke the development of respiratory diseases such as asthma.

Even though carpet may pose a potential health hazard. That doesn’t mean you can’t have it in your office or home at all. After all, it can enhance the interior design with its colorful design and texture.

Clean carpets reduce allergies

Not only does regularly cleaned and maintained carpet look and smell better. But most importantly, a clean carpet is considered healthier than a poorly maintained carpet. This is because a well-maintained carpet contains less dust, fewer airborne dirt particles, and certainly fewer microorganisms. Which are feared triggers of allergy complaints. Visit also: Carpet cleaning in Newton

So who says your home or office shouldn’t have carpet?

There are hundreds of carpet cleaning kits and carpet cleaning service providers on the market today. While we are spoiled for choice, it is very important to choose the right cleaning method or product to clean your carpet so that you don’t damage it after cleaning it.

Some of the most common problems with carpet cleaning:

– Soon after cleaning, it becomes dirty again.

– The carpet smells musky after it dries after cleaning.

– The color of the carpet fades during the cleaning process.

– Long downtime as the carpet dries for several hours or days after cleaning.

Why dry carpet cleaning instead of wet carpet cleaning?

The development of dry carpet cleaning technology – or better known as very low moisture carpet cleaning – was initiated to offer a different cleaning solution to existing wet carpet cleaning methods – it promises a more effective cleaning without the inconvenience of long drying times and the potential risk of carpet damage.

There are 2 methods of dry carpet cleaning:

Dry carpet cleaning.

Biodegradable detergents or moistened microsponges are spread evenly over the carpet. And rubbed into the carpet pile using machines with counterclockwise rotating brushes. These sponges collect dirt on the carpet, and the soiled compounds are remove or vacuume up by the machine at the end of the process.


The polymers in the detergent used in this process encapsulate or “crystallize” the dirt particles into a dry residue that is remove at the end of the process.

All technical jargon aside, as a layman, you should expect the following benefits from having your carpet clean by a well-trained carpet dry cleaner:

– A thoroughly cleaned carpet will result in less re-soiling of the carpet. This usually accomplished with a machine that uses a rotating brush to collect and remove dirt particles embedded in the carpet pile.

– The carpet stays dry or slightly damp throughout the treatment because little liquid used. No drying time means no downtime and minimizes the inconvenience of the cleaning process.

– No downtime means increased productivity, which in turn saves time and money.

– They promise that the carpet will not shrink or discolor.

– Minimal use of liquids and chemicals on the carpet will not result in excessive exposure to chemical residue after cleaning and an unpleasant odor due to insufficient drying after wet cleaning.

– For those who prefer eco-friendly products. It’s good to know that most dry carpet cleaning processes use biodegradable compounds as their primary cleaning agents.

However, dry carpet cleaning is often misunderstood as a cleaning method that is only suitable for lightly soiled carpets or for regular maintenance, because the dry cleaning system only cleans the surface of the carpet, not deeply cleans the carpet.

In recent years, further research in the field of dry carpet cleaning has led to a range of stain removers. That are use for heavily soiled carpets or stubborn stains during pre-cleaning. These stain removers effectively break down different types of stains such as food, beverage, grease, glue, etc. Before the dry mix or encapsulation crystals apply to the carpet.

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