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Normal vs. Sports Physio

When we experience discomfort, it is natural for us to evaluate different options to get our health back to where it was. And when the discomfort is a result of muscle strain or excessive physical exertion, the two most considered options that pop into our mind are Adelaide sports physio and general physio. 

Although both the therapists function to fetch your body the best possible physical condition, the approach of treatment, as well as conditions, are way different for the procedures. 

Therefore to help you understand the core difference and evaluate when to reach whom, we have elaborated the concepts below. Have a look. 

What Is Sports Physiotherapy, And Who Needs It? 

When you read the word sports physio, we often link it to therapy offered for athletes. But in reality, that’s not the case. Sports physio can offer valuable service to any person who does professional or high-level sports. The simple idea behind proffering sports physiotherapy is to help regain the peak physical condition of the body. 

Sports therapists have less exercise in whole-body systems and are more inclined toward supporting recuperation from petty aches and strains. 

So, who needs such physiotherapy? Sports physiotherapy is a great option for:

  • Athletes and entertainers
  • Active people who desire to retrieve and support injured body parts.
  • People who have undergone musculoskeletal injuries.

What Is General Physiotherapy, And Who Needs It? 

Physiotherapy, in general, is another form of treatment that can create a massive difference, particularly for the ones suffering from impeded mobility, pain, and soft tissue damages. Such therapists receive their training from the Faculty of Medicine to cure musculoskeletal injuries, tears, fractures, and dislocations. 

General physiotherapists possess a more comprehensive overview of the body’s function and the body itself in general. Thus they are well aware of the different systems of bodywork and therefore can help you diagnose and proffer the right treatment. 

So, who needs such physiotherapy? General therapy is a great option for:

  • People who perform extensive physical work, like construction workers.
  • Performers, recreational and even professional.
  • Active people who desire to retrieve and support injured body parts.
  • People who have undergone musculoskeletal injuries.
  • People have chronic pain and arthritis conditions. 
  • People planning to receive rehabilitation. 

Which One Is More Suitable?

Hands down, both general and sports physiotherapy can help relieve the pain helping you improve your mobility and retrieve the lost function due to pain. Besides, both involve a treatment strategy tailored for your body needs to bring your functioning to normal. 

However, it is still recommended to opt for Adelaide sports physio as an athlete. That’s because they can proffer you a more comprehensive assessment of the root problem offering a safer and effective path to treatment. 


Before reaching out to any therapist category, it is important to understand which one of them you need. This could help you have a clearer view and a quicker chance of recovery. Besides that, make sure you engage with a reliable therapist like Pro-Health Care for genuine service.

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