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Style a Modish Parking Space Using Parking Tiles

With the rapid lifestyle changes and advancement in technology owning a vehicle has become a must for every individual. This also results in the addition of a functional parking space. These days every house comes with a parking space as it is gradually becoming a necessity. A well-designed parking area offers shade and protection for your vehicles from the harmful climate. Moreover, the parking area will add significant value to your house and enhances the overall look of the house. car parking tiles are one of the most common floor tiles for parking spaces.

So, if you are planning to create an aesthetically appealing parking space while still keeping the utility then this blog will help you out with it!  

Things to consider while selecting parking tiles 

The desire to add a splash of colour or texture has risen by leaps and bounds throughout time. Given your budget, usage, and aesthetic preferences, here is a rough guide to help you explore more options. Considering these qualities before selecting a parking tile will help you to build a perfect and bespoke parking area.  

Slip Resistance 

Rainfall falls on the Indian subcontinent throughout most of the year. Even in dry locations, the monsoon season can be brutal. For residential areas, most Indian houses have a spare water supply in the garage for odd activities such as vehicle maintenance. As a result, slide resistance is a key feature for residential garages and parking spaces. Choosing a slip-resistant parking tile in the garage guarantees that rare catastrophes remain a possibility. 


A typical automobile weighs around 1,300 kg. Even with the fastest motions and smoothest gliding, the surface of any commercial or residential parking area must withstand the weight with minimal wear and tear and optimum lifetime. 

Scratch Resistance 

With load, resistance comes the requirement for scratch resistance. Why would anyone want to put up with scratches if we don’t want to put up with chips and cracks? Repair charges might often be rather high! 

Other critical factors include: 

  • Grip textures add added tenacity. 
  • The size of the parking tile depends on the floor area. 
  • The tile finishes 
  • Aesthetic elements such as printing and colours 

Types of parking tiles  

Porcelain Tiles 

Porcelain tiles are created with a particularly special sort of clay, sieved fine sand, and feldspar. These tiles are burned at a greater temperature and pressure, which makes them extremely durable, denser, and less porous. It is naturally suited for a wide range of outdoor locations due to their precise manufacturing process. Porcelain tiles are heavier, skid-resistant, and scratch resistant, making them ideal for parking areas. Don’t you think it’s a win-win situation? 

Ceramic Tiles 

Ceramic tiles are a great option for use in parking areas for several reasons. First, they are durable and long-lasting, able to withstand the heavy traffic and weight of vehicles. Second, they are slip-resistant, making them safe for pedestrians and drivers alike. Third, they are easy to clean and maintain, requiring only occasional sweeping and mopping. Fourth, ceramic tiles come in a variety of colours and designs, allowing for the creation of a visually appealing parking area. Lastly, ceramic tiles are fire-resistant, which can be an important safety feature in a parking area. Overall, ceramic tiles are a practical, functional, and attractive choice for any parking area. 

Vitrified Tiles 

The combination of silica and clay in a 2:3 ratio, as well as feldspar and quartz, makes vitrified tiles an excellent choice for parking areas and outdoor use in general. Most types of vitrified floor tiles are suitable for parking areas due to the combination of hydraulic pressure and vitrification, which gives the surface a unique glass-like appearance. Double-charged and full-body vitrified tiles, in particular, are great for heavy-traffic interior and outdoor use. The homogenous layers on both types of vitrified tiles prevent dirt and grime from collecting, and heavy foot traffic or water damage does not reveal immediate symptoms of wear and tear. 

Concrete Flooring 

Concrete is one of the most commonly used flooring materials in India. It is a man-made material composed of cement, pebbles, granite fragments, and other ingredients. This flooring is sturdy and perhaps one of the most enduring types of flooring. 

Concrete flooring is relatively damage-resistant, with the exception of slight chipping and scratching because of wear and strain. Moisture, on the other hand, can cause fractures and craters on this floor. This type of flooring is now available in a variety of colours and textures in Indian homes. 

Most popular parking tiles  


Monochrome parking tiles are useful in a variety of situations. It work wonderfully for bringing an outdoorsy vibe into your house or integrating the flow of indoor space with the outdoors. This style is simple to produce with porcelain tiles, full-body vitrified tiles, and stone slabs. If a single hue is too monotonous for you, we recommend using multiple tones of the same colour to create a tile rug appearance. 

Floral Patterns 

Another popular option for high-quality outdoor settings is detailed digital printing on a salt-glazed vitrified body. Detailed floral motifs in a continuous reproduction pattern complement the ethnic Indian and boho-chic aesthetics and change any area with their Midas touch. They are frequently digitally printed and rely on precision and attractive appearances to stimulate visual attraction. 

Beaded designs  

Beaded decorations and 3D embossing are other popular yet subtle decor options. These designs are famous for their optically deceptive features because they combine the goodness of pebble-like motifs and earthy colours such as greys, terracotta, mild yellows, cream, and ivory. 


One way to incorporate a unique and stylish design into a parking area floor is by using mosaic tiles. Mosaic tiles are small, colourful pieces of tile that can be arranged in a variety of patterns and designs. This allows for the creation of a custom, one-of-a-kind floor that can be tailored to complement the aesthetic of the surrounding area. 


Another popular design for a parking area floor is the checkerboard pattern. This classic design is an alternating two different coloured tiles in a checkerboard pattern. This can create a striking visual effect and add a touch of elegance to the parking area. 


A third option is to incorporate geometric designs into the parking area floor using tiles. This is possible by using different coloured or textured tiles to create patterns such as hexagons, diamonds, or other geometric shapes. This style can add a modern and abstract look to the parking area. 


Overall, the style and design of the tile can be tailored to suit the aesthetic and design of the surrounding area. And apart from these parking tiles design you can also focus on other elements such as adequate lighting to light up the area even during the night. Incorporating electric charging stations is also a nice idea since we are gradually moving towards green energy.  

All these types of parking tiles with premium quality, endless designs and colours can are available at AGL tiles! The vast collection of parking tiles and outdoor tiles offers more than enough varieties that you can go for. Go ahead and design a modish parking space that will add aesthetic and functional value to your lovely home! 

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