Why do IT businesses need FSM software?

FSM Software in Information technology builds communication networks, protects data and information through administering databases, and helps with business managing and basic functioning. This industry makes sure that computers and devices connected with the industry or company work efficiently with data and business information. An IT professional manages a wide range of information security, business information systems, computer hardware, software, and network-oriented organization sections. They solve issues in any appliance, manage any glitches within the system and make sure there is no hindrance to the smooth functioning of a software system.

Owning a Computer System means software glitches are on the way. To approach an IT technician can be challenging in case of emergencies if you don’t know anyone personally. The technicians of this field are particularly busy people who are equally clever and full of knowledge. To approach them and book service may require you to wait in a long queue or supposedly a few days too. To cut short on these inconveniences, the IT industry can collaborate with Field Service Management Software to increase and stabilize their work orders.

What is a Field Service Management Software?

Shortly called FSM, this software enables your business to control and manage the work orders, track your progress, communicate with customers and employees, locate and monitor your technicians on the field and much more. It allows you to control your business on a single platform. You can expand your customer base, keep track of all your payments and cheques, have a digital record of all your files, and operate even through your mobile devices. With many customizable features, the field service management software keeps an eye on your entire field business while you can take a nap.

One among many dynamic Field Service Management Software is Field Promax. The software manages your field works and office works within its premises, making it the best investment for any business within the IT industry. With your busy schedules and nerve-racking hard work on the field, keeping track of all the scheduled appointments, the files and documents would be heavier. Field Service Management offers to share the burden and make it lighter on you.

Features that support the IT industry

A field service management software is enabled with various features that can benefit the IT industry. Some are elaborated down below:

1. Support

Support for FSM Software

The FSM Software provides 24/7 customer support. IT staff can connect to their customers and respond to wherever they are. This helps analyze, categorize and understand the customers that approach your business. With always available support, customer interest and traffic increase. It helps save the time and effort to go to the field and work when you can provide a solution online, through text, or a quick call. Field Service Management Software allows you to connect and gives you the option to direct the customers towards booking a schedule or bringing them to your office if things get complicated.

2. Scheduling and Dispatching

This combo is inseparable and highly crucial. A minor glitch can cause a major mishap in the functioning of the business. Using software makes it less complicated and able to reduce human err. Once you receive work orders and the estimates are approved, work orders are generated. The scheduling team drags and drops the work order into the calendar or under the technician responsible. Once scheduled, you can also choose to notify the customer of the details like date, time, technician information, and more before the dispatch. Once the schedule is ready, the calendar will notify the technicians and the customers of the dispatch. Technicians are provided with all the required information like customer location, number, and details that help their work get easier. With scheduling and dispatching made automatic, IT technicians just have to perform their expertise and not worry about the rest. FSM Software ensures all your Schedules are Dispatched, recorded, measured, and calculated each day, hour, and month.

3. Reports and Dashboard


With all the heavy work and intense solution making, recording all the events manually is rarely possible. With every movement and functioning through the Field Service Management Software, you can automatically update the dashboard. The dashboard holds the graph or chart of the company employees’ level of progress and work orders that have been performed. It evaluates the performance of the business based on the day, week, month, and even year by putting it into percentages or charts, making it easier to understand. Owners can customize this feature as to who can view it and more.

A daily report on the employee’s performance, improvement, work order rates, and more are updated. Having reports digitally helps for future references, makes them available anywhere and anytime. This sophisticated feature is handy for an IT technician connected to his device most of the time. The reports and dashboard feature is helpful to have an overview of your IT business at all times.

4. Estimates and Invoices

Being experts in the IT field, there is no need to educate you on how to use the software. However, to explain why you need our support, here is another evident reason. Every business has encountered people who don’t pay on time and have all sorts of excuses. To avoid such mishaps and get your payments on time, the Field Service Management mobile app can be convenient. You can create estimates immediately with the customer order and get their approval via email. Once they have signed the estimate, the work order is generated and scheduled. IT employees can create the invoice right from the field and get it signed on completion of the work order.

Customers can pay through scanning the QR code or through online transactions. This helps with proper income and cash flow within your firm. These features are prominent in every Field Service Management Software; however, Field Promax has been integrated with QuickBooks to manage these. With an AI-managed system, you can avoid human miscalculations; you can also manage your accounts without any mistakes.

5. Mobile App

A sophisticated FSM Software like Field Promax comes along with a mobile app. They help you manage all your fieldwork from your office and your office work from the field. It enables you to navigate and control your desktop functions via your phone.

For example and to elaborate on the mobile app features, here are some that are available on the Field Promax mobile app:

    • Navigation: Once the technician has been dispatched, he can navigate using the GPS feature in the Field Promax mobile app. Finding customer location, shorter routes, minimal traffic roads, and other efficiency measures to reach the destination on time is possible through this feature. Managers can also monitor and track their IT technicians when they’re on their field and help them find the way hen lost. This feature also helps team leaders stay aware of where their technicians are.
    • Time Tracking: When technicians get too endorsed into their work, they may tend to forget the time. With the Field Promax mobile app, you clock in when you start the work and clock out when done. The time card within the mobile app will calculate your total hours of work, and technicians can be paid rightly for extra work hours. The mobile app is helpful to maintain such proofs and also to maintain the virtue of the business.
    • Invoice: This feature has already been introduced in the previous point but is possible through the mobile app.

All the features are available on both the desktop and the mobile phone. It enables both the employer and the employee to access all the business information with access encryptions where necessary. An IT professional needs these features to cut himself some slack, while the IT business needs this feature to take his business to the next level. Human hands can work but are prone to mistake while the software works with IoT, AI, and cloud computing, ensuring all your data are sorted correctly.

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