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African American Hair Transplants by Dr. John kahen

A hair transplant procedure is absolutely the best way to restore normal hair growth after hair loss. This is a common practice nowadays, which helps the concerned people about baldness. Men and women can both undergo this restoration and can achieve natural results. However, the hair transplant procedure is not diverse for any race and gender. But, it could be more challenging when it comes to executing for African Americans. This community has curly and wavy hairs underneath the skin, which makes it somewhat complicated. But, an African American hair transplant performed by hair surgeon John Kahen is always precise and result-driven.

Is African American Hair Transplant Successful?

It is needless to say that this kind of hair restoration is complex due to several reasons. The primary difficulty lies with the extraction and survival of the follicles that are curly. As compared to other races, Afro hairs are not straight, so there is a need for utmost precision and quality procedure to do it correctly. Most African Americans are also concerned whether this hair restoration really works for them or not? But the good news is that an advanced Smartgraft FUE procedure is available for Afro hair restoration. This is an effective technique that can make hair transplant a real triumph.

Smartgraft For Afro Hair Restoration

Unlike the conventional strip method, a Smartgraft technique uses follicular unit extraction. This is the latest technology in hair transplant that is designed to provide quicker results. It is an accurate procedure to replenish bald areas to cover hair thinning. This technique is available at Dr. John Kahen’s hair restoration clinic. So, you can undergo this precise technique to have a successful restoration of hairs despite their curly and wavy structure. Smartgraft will relocate your healthy follicles from the donor site to the implant site without any incision.

Benefits of Smartgraft For Afro Hairs

It works well for black hairs

The obvious benefit of this technology is that it works well for black hairs. Unlike the traditional strip method, this technique does not involve the cutting of tissue from the back of the head. But, this method works to pull the follicles individually to relocate them on the bald areas.

Invisible scarring

Regardless of the curly structure of African American hairs, this technique does not leave a visible scar. Only pin-prick incisions will be made to extract the follicles from the back of the head. This would dramatically reduce the procedure time as well. So, you won’t have to worry about hiding the linear scar on the back of your head.

Wear any hairstyle

Getting African American hair transplant with Smartgraft technology will give you the freedom to wear any hairstyle. This technique does not involve scars and cuts as the traditional method does. Therefore, you can keep short hair as most African Americans prefer to have. So, this could only become possible when you do not have a scar on the back of the head.

Natural and low-maintenance look

Treating hair loss problems with your own hair has become possible with the invention of Smartgraft FUE. It will extract your own healthy follicles and relocate them to bald sites. Thus, you will get a more natural appearance of hairs that needs low maintenance. Your look will also be real, and you do not have to worry while swimming and showering.

Enhanced survival rate

The most complicated thing about Afro hair transplant is related to less survival of follicles. The survival rate could depend on the type of curls and waves of the hairs. But, these hairs are also known to deliver a thicker and fuller appearance of hairs. The Smartgraft technology gently works to extract follicles which prevent their destruction. The harvested follicles also are kept in a cooling system that retains their ideal moisture.

Lower density in African American hairs

Another complication related to African American hair transplant lies with the fewer density of Afro hairs. Black males and females usually have 60000 to 65000 follicles in the donor site. These numbers are less in the comparison of Asians and Americans. So, the hair surgeon also needs to be cautioned while harvesting the hairs. However, with the expertise of Dr. John Kahen and cutting-edge Smartgraft technique, it is possible to get more with less. You will be able to define the natural hairline structure even with fewer numbers of grafts. The unique feature of these hairs is that they can cover maximum space. This means that fewer grafts can be implanted on the more bald areas. You would be able to achieve excellent hair restoration results. The procedure would work with minimal incision and produce maximum results.

To Sum Up

John Kahen is a highly experienced hair surgeon that provides african american hair transplant. Therefore, you must consult the specialist to know your potential to have a natural hairline with black hair. You would be able to get the best recommendation for the treatment along with aftercare tips. It would certainly provide you with fuller, thicker, and desired results with Afro hair restoration. Smartgraft is a precise technique that will be focused on your medical history and personal aesthetic goals.

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