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How To Do Video Marketing in 2021

Video marketing has become one of the most important trends of digital marketing in recent years. It is an effective strategy to reach new customers. It connects more deeply with those who already know the company.

What is video marketing?

Video marketing is to use the potential of the video to promote a brand or company, product, or service.

It is, therefore, a type of content marketing that uses the power of video to generate a greater emotional connection remain more in the minds of users. They remember video messages more quickly than in other formats, such as written ones.

This tool has gained notoriety with the rise of social networks and more robust connections. That allows you to play streaming videos easily and from many devices.

Branding videos, customer testimonials, videos of live events or tutorials, or demonstrations on how to use a product or service are some of the most common examples of videos that we can find within a marketing campaign.

How to do video marketing?
  1. Set a goal

The company must consider what action it wants to promote through the video or, in other words, what movement the user is looking for after watching the video. Do ​​you want an increase in visits to the website? More sales of a certain product? Position yourself in a new market?

Depending on the objective, the most suitable type of video will be determined (educational, testimonial, promotional, service presentation …). And a call to action will be included or not at the end of the video that encourages users to take the next step ( for example, visit the shopping website after a promotional video).

  1. Tell a relevant message

For this, it is essential to know the potential audience that will receive the video and analyze what type of content may be interesting for it.

For example, a type of content that tends to be successful is educational,. It solves the most common doubts that potential audiences face. Educational content tends to work very well among users who are already interested but have not yet made the purchase decision and to build loyalty with the customers we already have. Videos of testimonials from other satisfied customers also work very well with users who are not entirely convinced.

  1. Think about technical requirements

The company must identify the type of video that can best respond to the objectives set and think about the technical difficulties, which may vary depending on whether it is a video in real image or animation.

It is essential to choose a piece of appropriate music, according to the message and the type of audience, carry out a dynamic and professional edition and establish a script that leads the user towards the objectives. Usually, it is also necessary to hire a professional speaker to do the voice-over. To all this, we must add the lighting and recording equipment, when necessary.

It is necessary that the result of the video is professional. Otherwise, we will achieve an effect contrary to that desired.

  1. Choose the platforms on which to share

A video can be used on a multitude of platforms. The most common is YouTube or the website, but videos are also very effective when inserted in email marketing campaigns.

Social networks are another perfect platform for sharing videos: most of the algorithms of the networks give more relevance to the posts with video, which makes more people see them. In addition, users share videos more easily than text publications.

Video marketing campaigns directed at social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram work better if the videos are short, so longer videos are usually fragmented to share them on these platforms or if broadcasting on networks is going to be the main channel. , bet on making several short videos, created especially for social networks.

Advantages of doing video marketing
Work SEO

Incorporating the videos of a business to YouTube enhances search engine positioning. Because the platform acts as a very important search engine – it is only behind Google in the volume of user searches and, in addition, it belongs to Google, which gives it a lot of weight among its results.

To obtain all the positioning advantages, it is necessary to use the appropriate tags when uploading the video to YouTube, in addition to including keywords in the title and description.

Connect more directly with the user

Video is a format that allows a company to generate a deeper relationship with users and that manages to transmit more in less time. In fact, 95% of video marketers say that this tool has helped users better understand a product or service, according to a study by video marketing portal Wyzowl. Conventional wisdom already says: a picture is worth a thousand words.

Generate more leads and sales

According to the study mentioned in the previous paragraph, 83% of marketers who use video have seen their leads grow. And 80% have detected a more significant number of sales.

It is multi-platform work

On the one hand, it is possible to use videos to create quality content on social networks. It can encourage users to share it and multiply its reach. On the other hand, video can boost email marketing campaigns and boost conversion.

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