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What kind of laptop do you need to start streaming?

To start streaming, you need a stream-capable laptop.

However, many different types can support your streaming needs. If one is on the market, it is possible to find the right machine from so many models and brands. This article will talk about what kind of laptops are better for streaming purposes in general. 

For beginners who want to make streams more than just fun and for others alike, here are some ways to choose a good model to start with:

Processor: AMD or Intel?

AMD processors have long been known as cheap alternatives for an Intel-based machine for those who do not have enough budget. 

However, there has never been much debate on whether AMD processors are better for streaming than Intel processors. Therefore, if you are looking to find out which is actually better, there is only one thing for you: test them both by yourself. 

The truth is that it will not matter much because most streaming software support both AMD and Intel platforms. However, the latter offers a smoother experience when dealing with live streams as they can sometimes fall behind due to their lower number of cores compared to AMD counterparts.

Victory Is In Your Hands

With many laptop options available on the market now, you can start to do whatever you like almost right away. And with different models in hand, it is all up to your preference and budget which one you would like to choose in the end. 

However, considering what we have mentioned above about whether AMD is better for streaming than Intel, choosing between these two brands can make a big difference when running streams.

Choosing a good laptop can help you realize your dream of becoming a streamer so that you can enjoy every second of streaming while interacting with other people out there watching your show. When it comes to choosing one among the many models out there, here are some tips:

Keep Your Eye On The Money

The price of laptops is indeed getting lower and lower these days. That is because there are so many brands out there with different specs that you can choose from. 

However, it is essential to know your own budget when looking for a new laptop to start streaming. Once you have the budget in mind, all you need to do next is look for models on sale or rush into buying one before time runs out of stock.

Buy What You Like First

Although it may be essential to keep within your budget first, it might also be a good idea to prioritize those laptops that can provide value for your money. 

In other words, try to find a model that serves your purpose best without spending too much money on things that you might never use. Remember that the features you often use, such as the webcam and microphone, are not that important to get when they come with a higher price tag.

Confirm The Hardware Specs

Never settle for something without knowing all of its hardware specs. In addition, you may want to think about buying an extended warranty or protection plan just in case. 

Both can prove helpful when your laptop is no longer under warranty or has become defective after a few months of using it, regardless of whether you have covered it with a warranty and protection plan before purchasing one. 

You might need these extra accessories, especially if you are going to stream live shows daily since laptops tend to be affected by wear and tear rather quickly when used excessively. Once you have confirmed everything about the hardware specs, you can finally start streaming your shows right away.

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